Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Baby #2 details

Thank you everyone for all the love & congratulations! 
The THREE of us are thrilled to add another member to our family. I look forward to Sienna having a buddy close in age to grow up with.

So far this pregnancy has been so different than with Sienna, my cravings are opposite...I want all things salty instead of sweets and I have nausea this time...and lets not even talk about how quickly I started showing.

Boy or girl? Everyone says its a boy but I'm not sure, I don't really have a "feeling" either gender. When we ask Sienna she says "baby brother" maybe she knows something we dont.

Names? they're picked! we had a hard time agreeing on a girls name for the longest time, but we finally found one we absolutely love...and it translates to Polish perfectly ;) 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How I told Danny...

Hubs and I agreed that I wouldn't take a pregnancy test until I missed my period,  just to  avoid unnecessary disappointment from a false negative incase it was too early to tell. 

11/7 As I was cleaning up the kitchen after Sienna's lunch....this feeling came over me,
 I just knew it, I HAD to be. Sienna was still sitting in her high chair watching a video so it gave me the perfect opportunity to run to the bathroom quickly and take a test. 

Though it was SUPER early...those lines turned pink before I was even done peeing! ahhh I couldn't stop smiling! first person I told was my little BFF of course :) I said "Sienna! you're gonna be a big sister" she looked at me confused...."seshter?" 

I was so tempted to tell Danny right away, I was too excited to contain myself... but I didn't wanna tell him via text. I had to think of a better way. I had 3 hours before he was home from work.

Ever since we went apple picking, he would ask daily if Id make a pie. Since we were 'trying' that month I figured I could incorporate the pie into some cute announcement idea since he wanted it so badly...seriously, he would nag daily.

So I wrote a note that I put on the garage door to the house, it would be the first thing he'd see when he got out of the car and right before he got in the house

it read: "Since you've been such a great husband, there is a surprise for you in the oven"

Naturally, he walked over to the oven but to his disappointment...there was no pie, just another note that read:

"No, not this oven :)" 

So he ran upstairs.....I stood at the top of the staircase with the pregnancy test.....I made him a little "baby" pie anyway....with a little leaf and a #2 on it. Those notes are now the start of this babys keepsake box.

if this video doesnt work....try the link below

Here is a video

after that, he ate his pie & we talked about all things baby as big sis to be took her infamous 3 hour nap :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

1st letter to baby #2

(written after my 8-week ultrasound - Dec 9th 2013) 

Little Bean,

For almost 9 weeks weeks now, I have wondered about you.  Prayed that you were growing healthy and strong.  Anticipated who you will be and what you will look like.  Sometimes, nervously holding my breath. I've learned a lot this year and above all I think I've come to my own realization that you can't take anything for granted.  Today, in that tiny dimly lit ultrasound room, I nervously waited to see you....there you were....a tiny little thing with a strong heartbeat. It was such a wonderful sight to see.

This day will be tucked away with some of the best moments of my life, nothing quite like hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time. I look forward to more doctors appointments, a growing belly and all the tiny preparations that will bring us closer to you.


Monday, December 9, 2013


We are so very excited to announce that BABY #2 is on the way!
Set to make its grand debut Summer 2014

more details to come

Friday, December 6, 2013

5 Things I miss doing

1. Staying up late.
Does anyone else remember the days that you could stay out all hours of the night and still manage to function normally the next day?? I don't know how on earth I was ever able to stay up until 2-3am, wake up at 7:00, bounce out of bed, get to school on time and  feel rested & energized. I miss that. Just think of ALL the things I could accomplish in the day if I still had that kind of energy day in & day out.

2. Listening to music.

Music used to be my therapy. If I was feeling sad, overwhelmed, frustrated, or just straight up pissed off, I could always count on music to help me sort it all out. And now the only music I hear is twinkle twinkle little star or the wheels on the bus.

3.  Sitting in a quiet room just to think.
I know this sounds like a complete waste of time, but who else used to just sit on their rear and do absolutely nothing and savor every single minute? And if I felt like it, I'd think. Pre-kids, heck, pre-marriage... I would just sit there and contemplate crap. I miss having time to just think, and actually hear my own thoughts. These days, the only time I have to sit around and savor quiet time, is when I'm getting ready for bed. And at this point, I'm just too tired to even make sense of my thoughts.

4. Writing hand-written letters.
Remember passing notes in high school? Or actually writing a letter to a friend that moved away? Or... PenPals?? How cool were they? I mean, I love e-mail & texting and all the other cool technology we have at our finger tips. But there really is something to be said about hand-written notes and letters.

5.  Actually talking on the phone.
Okay I'll be honest, *most* of the time, I don't like talking on the phone. But sometimes? Sometimes is so nice to actually hear someones voice as opposed to reading written words through e-mail or text. I suppose this kind of goes along with #3. In this day & age, technology is making it too way easy to make things less personal.

Happy Friday everyone :)