Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    I am madly in love with this wedding gown

Simple and absolutely perfect!

Lets go with option # 2

I really really want my house already....a few years ago it was so much easier to get a home. Banks practically gave out loans to anyone, now its such a ridicoulously long and tideous process

I hope we dont have to do this ever again, well Im sure we will but it wont be for many many years.

We are getting the electric & water in our name this week, as our loan officer told us to do so I suppose the finsh line is just around the corner.

Danny started his new job today, I havent seen him all day and I could really use a big hug right now

As promised by our loan officer we are going to be in it by this weekend - furniture delivery sat so we better be!

         we keep driving past the house constantly like a couple of stalkers :p

one of our couches that is coming saturday!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Having an Auntie moment

I am so in love with my nieces
 All 3 of them

Me with Olivia - 7 years old
WOW where did time go?

Sofia - 18 months
May 2011

Adriana on her 1st birthday
May 2011

We did a little browsing for the house this weekend, got just a couple of small things that made me perk up a bit.
Here is what we got...
Candle holder for inside the fireplace

new stainless steel food bowls for PrinceCharles
 to match our fabolous kitchen of course!

a lil fish decoration for our beach themed guest bathroom

Closing update

So this weekend was suppose to be a much HAPPIER one with us moving into our new house, but of course this is not a perfect world and things always have a way of falling through - especially when dealing with picky underwriters.

the current problem they have with our file is that, Danny wrote me a check for $1000 dollars when we went to Hawaii in March. I charged the trip on my credit card so that I can get points the card, he then wrote me a check for half the cost that I of course deposited. The underwriter ( person in charge of approving & releasing our closing date) decided that she needed a written explanation of this. So fine, we wrote an e-mail saying what the -$1000 on Dans account and +$1000 on mine was. Sooooo then  the next day this nutcase, decides she wants a copy of that check.

...and there went our Thursday closing.

Monday is a holiday - so our file wont be worked on till Tuesday. FML.

If these people come up with another thing to torture us with, we are ready to call it quits and move on to a different bank.

It got to the point where Danny called the person above the underwriter to see if anything can be done about her pickyness so that we can just move forward with this...the managers words "she is on a nats eyelash of being fired" of course we get stuck with the incompetent underwriter that is on the verge of losing her job.

The manager promised us that we will be in our house by the weekend

An "all I want is my mom" kinda day

Now that Im ready to talk about it, Thursday was the day of my LEEP procedure - now let me just say that was the most awful thing I had to do.

Not only was it super painful but now I am horrified of the possibility of not being able to have children, the risk is small but it exist and if there is one thing that I want more than anything is to be a Mom one day.

Danny was absolutely wonderful, as he always is. He took care of me and didnt leave my side even for a second. He wanted to stay in the room with me during the whole thing, but I told him not to and I'm glad I did. The amount of blood I had to see was enough to make me wanna pass out.

 Later on that night I had a complete breakdown - This never happened to me before, I'm not a crier....but this was a combination of stress, panic, fear and the news of our house closing being moved, AGAIN.

I lost it.

I cried so bad I was shaking, poor Dan didn't know what to do...hes never seen me like that in the 5 and half years we've been together...I kept sobbing and mumbling "I'll never have babies" and all I remember is him saying " yes we will, we will have beautiful healthy babies" plus I was in pain and being the hippie that I am, I didnt wanna take any more Vicodins.

Worst day of my life...I hope this surgery is forever erased from my memory because every time I think about it I shake and cringe.

All I wanted that night was to sit with my mom, and its the one thing I hate not being able to do whenever I feel like it.

Thank goodness for the support from my friends & family
I'm the kind of person that takes on way too much and never wants to give anything up
. . .
but life gets nuts.
It's time to say goodbye to the unnecessary tasks, thoughts, draining friendships, etc and open doors for new adventures!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

As I was about to go on a rant about how crappy things have been for me lately and then I came across this....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Makes me feel like Im on vacation 365 days a year....

...and I love it!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I look forward to in our new home....

    Having garden,
we went to Lowe's the other day to browse ideas on what we want to plant...and ummm I think we'lll need a bigger yard! How neat will it be to make juice in the morning from your own citrus fruit? So for sure an orange, lemon and grapefruit tree. Not to mention what is going to smell like in our yard!
                                                   this is my yard, YES PLEASE!

We also would like to have a little Veggie and herb garden, Tomatoes, basil, mint for mojitos ;) A kiwi tree....lots of flowers...Peach tree.... grape vine around the patio...I could go on and on... lets see what we can actually fit without making our yard look like a jungle.

I look forward to watching our garden grow, as well as our family - (no, no babies yet) we want get another dog...Charlie would enjoy some company while we're at work all day.

Scrabble nights by the firepalce...
yes, it does get cold in Arizona in winter months.

Not having to do any work to the house besides put in grass!! We looked at so many homes that needed TONS of work. Its so nice to have a move in ready home.

Having His & Hers sinks in the master - Dan & I like to get washed up and ready for bed at the same time, now this has always been a challenging task in a small one sink bathroom.
Having a walk in closet. What woman doesnt love that?
I cant wait to get my OCD-organizing action going in it

A large 2 car garage
in the summer months, it will be nice to get into your car and not get a heat stroke

community pool!
I would hate to have a privet pool
1. it takes up almost your whole yard
2. money pit
3.dangerous for kids, unless you have a gate put in ( those are pricey)

I know its silly, but I like having HOA...It keeps the neighborhood looking nice. We have looked at homes in neighborhoods without HOA and you were able to notice it for sure....weeds, paint cracking on homes, RVs in drive-ways. It just looked unkept. Our HOA is a bit higher than we anticipated, but the community pool & grassy parks all around make it worth it

Our awesomely upgraded stainless steel & granite kitchen! I cannot wait to get my cook on...( I hope we have smoke alarms)

I look forward to all of our visitors!

Starting a family, not for a little while but...we picked a room for a future nursery already ;)

I like having an upstairs, I think its cozy to have bedrooms on the second floor...I know I'm nutty, but I'm really not a fan of one story lay-outs

I cant wait to decorate & furnish

And of course what I look forward to the most is making wonderful memories together in our dream home, the place we can call our own <3

 My Loves

Monday, May 23, 2011

I know this makes me sound lame, but I am so excited for the premiere of the Bachelorette tonight! Im jealous that my friends on the east coast get to see it before me. I am not a big tv person, all I have been watching lately is 'House hunters' and 'say yes to the dress'...is anyone surprised as to why?

House update

The new & supposed closing day is suppose to be this Thursday,  I pray that it is because we are getting a BIG furniture delivery on Friday. Our entire bedroom set & 2 sofas. Cable & internet is shedukled to be set up this Friday as well, so if this doesn't pull through we are going to go on a rampage. We already had to reschedule it once.

Thursday also happens to be the day of my procedure, which means I will be drugged up on vicodins. Fun way to go to a closing. Should be interesting! I also will not be allowed to lift anything over 15lbs for a while, so poor Danny is on his own with moving everything into the house. I feel bad. But at this point he says hes willing to do anything and everything to make this happen already!

Apparently, because we are not married this process is taking twice as long because the underwriters have to do our files separately
..But the window is replaced, everything is set... all we need is that final signature from the underwriter that will release the loan and give us the closing date.

Its going to be a bittersweet Thursday,
hope I wont be too drugged up and capable of signing the insane amounts of papers!

I am Loving....

This Handsome Face!

                                    My family & friends, what would I do without them?
                                                    My adorable fur-baby Charlie

 its everything we ever dreamed of & more!
We are very proud homeowners :)

The spot I made the best decison of my life
July 6th, 2009

Yogi tea, who would think putting quotes on tea could make someones day?

 My beautiful nieces

 Dresses! & the fact that I can wear them almost all year round
My cruiser bike

 Arizona, and its sunsets, they are unbelieveable!

Hawaii, CANNOT wait to go back!

 My ROCK, Thank you baby!

 Having the same birthday as my Fiance & shock on everyones face when they find out is always priceless

My childhood home

Babies, cannot wait to be a Mommy!

My iphone4 - Cant function without it

 L I F E

I really love this quote

"After awhile you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand & chaining a soul. You learn that love doesn't mean possession & company doesn't mean security. You learn to build your roads on today because tomorrows ground is too uncertain for plans & futures have a way of falling down mid-flight; after a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much. So plant your own garden & decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. "


Sunday, May 22, 2011

     "Remember the road that leads you home"

so many scraped knees & bike rides on this path

Childhood home

My mom reminded me today that 2 days ago marked 15 years since our big move from Poland to the States. 15 years seems like such a long long time but really, it seems like it was just yesterday. My first plane ride, the goodbyes with family, leaving everything behind, and at 9 years old being oblivious to it all.

"It's a funny thing about coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what's changed is you."  
- Benjamin Button

My sis & I
same bed we slept on as kids - 11 years later

Danny & my cousins, he fit right in with the family

Us & the home - 2009

 I know this is part of life.  

Not everyday is perfect.  

I know that each day is what I make it. 

 I can't control what is going on around me or what others say and do.   

What I can control is how I react to it and what I do about it.  

I get this.  But, it's so much easier said than done. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eventful flight to PHX

We flew in from NY last night, and I must share the spectacle my dog created on the plane.
 First of all he HATES being in the carry bag, that was expected. We don't even use a leash for him so he is used to freedom, being in that little bag that had to be pushed in front of the seat made him go crazy.

We take off and hes ok, for about 10 minutes.

The number 1 rule of flying with a dog is he CANNOT under any circumstances be out of the bag, not even a limb or nose poking out.

So my spoiled dog decided to throw a fit and squeal like a little monkey, really loud...on a 9PM quiet flight. I unzip his bag enough to put my finger in to let him smell me so he knows I'm there and that hes OK. Smart little thing that he is takes advantage... he sticks his nose in the tiny unzipped hole and moves his head left to right to unzip it big enough to get out. I try to stop him and zip it back and he starts viciously growling at me!
He then decides to make his way under the seat to the people behind us and to the middle of the aisle and starts wiping his butt! To say we were mortified is an understatement.
Everyone was staring, thank the mighty gods the flight attendants did not catch this spectacle.

Charlie imaptiently waiting to board

my little sweet devil

Oldies Music = My wedding music

Ain't no mountain high enough

I was listening to the oldies Pandora station today and this song came on... I LOVE LOVE oldies and this one is such a goodie. I  decided to make my wedding music all oldies, songs back in the day had such simple & sweet lyrics.

 I am having one of those days weeks months where my mind is constantly swarming...I can't seem to get focused enough to get my head above water....In a time where Im constantly surrounded with both highs and lows,  Its hard to find a balance. Im trying to keep moving on and be thankful for all the good.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

priceless reactions

So the surprise I mentioned a couple of weeks ago was us coming home to Long Island. We didn't tell anyone, and boy were the looks on everyones faces worth it.

My oldest nieces giant smile and huge hug was the best, she made our random urge to book the overpriced flight more than worth it.

Let me just say that I will never fly with my dog again, not that I ever intended to in the first place but my wonderful sister (insert major sarcasm here) decided to...well be her usual self and say she refuses to watch him, 3 hours before our flight. Soooo $229 dollars later Charlie had a ticket. Poor little guy thought he was being punish, he kept giving me that sad 'I did something wrong' look. I felt so bad!! he cried and scratched on his little carry bag. The flight attendant didn't even let us unzip it to have his head out. Atleast our families were super excited to see him, that made it sort of worth it.

The second we stepped off the plane, we were reminded exactly why we moved out of NY.

I got to see my two best friends Erica & Steve - 2 for 1 drinks at applebees are wonderful way to catch up.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Just realized that today was Friday the 13th.
That certainly explains why today has been a disaster.
I just hope what is suppose to happen tonight goes smooth
if not, we'll be screwed to say the least.


Proud Homeowners!!!

This is my new all time favorite picture

This marks the next big adventure in our life together, we are blessed beyond our wildest dreams, we never would have thought we'd own a beautiful home at age 24, well not in NY atleast . We are so thankful for the support from all of our friends and family-- we couldn't have done it without all their advice, opinions, and love and I hope that we will have many great years in our first home together!!
Let the fun decorating  and visitors begin!

Best Diet

Stress is the best diet, well not really but I am dropping pounds here like crazy.

Here are some reasons why...

1. The other day I get a call from my doctor an hour before I have to go into work, she says " your biopsy came back abnormal and I cant discuss it over the phone must be in person" UMMM really?? you're gonna tell me something is wrong with me and not tell me what it is until I made an apt? How is somebody suppose to go about their day after hearing that? So of course they dont have an apt right away. I start crying hysterically and call my mom. Called out of work and waited for the next possible apt which was 1:15, waiting for 1 o'clock made it the longest morning of my life. Dan came with me, I have to have a whole procedure done in 2 weeks...Im terrified.

2. House buying is a nightmare, banks are so strict about giving out loans now, making our life hell. The date of our closing has been pushed to the 19th. It was originally suppose to be the 6th. So here is the insane story with it....the bank wont release the loan until the sellers fix what they said they would, it has something to do with the appraised value...everything needs to be up to par. Meanwhile we're living in my nieces playroom for what I thought was gonna be a few days.

3. well the 3rd reason I cant really discuss, its something that wouldnt be stressful if we were already in our house.

Ive been eating out everyday, for every meal, junky stuff too...and dropping pounds like crazy! my size 0 jeans are getting baggy and at the rate Im going,  Im gonna have to start shopping in kid stores soon.

Im trying to stay optimistic and keep in mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel and hold on to the fact that everything does happen for a reason.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doggy Mommy

Since we couldnt be with our Moms on Sunday, we decided to spend the day at the park with our fur-baby.

Did a little hiking, had some IN-N-OUT & of course enjoyed the fabulous weather in the park :]

Yum! animal style & worth every calorie!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

We are not fortunate enough to spend Mother's Day with our Mothers
so those of you who are, appreciate it.

Danny & Mom - 1988

My future-mom-in-law & I

Me & Mom - 1993

Moms visit - March 2011

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mommas out there!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Front vs Top...

Price & link:  $2,800

Price : $350 for both

 So Dan & I are in the market for a washer and dryer for our new home. We went to Lowe's over the weekend to check some out... and I really would like it if someone could explain to me what on earth the huge fuss is about with the front loading washers? cuz to me it just seems like a silly trend. They are 3x the price of regular ones... and are you paying to break your back when you're have to be in a bent down position through the entire process of loading and unloading your clothes? Or are you paying for how pretty they look? beacuse that they are.

 My mom  back in Poland when I was a kid, had one and she said to me "child I forbid you from getting one of those my back to this day hurts from that damn thing"

Momma cracked me up.
You know me and photos, I had to dig one up......here it is...the giant, old school back-breaker that washed many loads of my cloth diapers while killing my moms back.
this was taken when we went to visit my childhood home back in 2007, everything is still there as it was before we left...and those stickers were stuck on by my siblings & I :)