Thursday, April 26, 2012

story of my life

anyone else have this problem?
 I cannot go to Target and leave with JUST the ONE item I actually went in there for.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life Lately, according to my Iphone

We recently moved back into our bedroom after a month in the guest room - Our bed is really high & I would have had a hard time climbing in and out with my csection that I'm completely healed its all back to normal - I really missed our bed.

I could eat this salad all day, everyday
[whole wheat pasta, grilled chicken, feta, tomatoes, basil, romaine lettuce, parsley, cardinis cesar dressing]

sweet pup of mine

Sienna's 1st trip to the mall

I'm one lucky girl

Our grapefruit trees little offspring

Hibiscous by our front door...reminder of Hawaii, most amazing place on earth.

They always hang out together, Charlie loves her.

rose bush peaking into our livingroom window

Whole foods, you're the devil

My Asian food fanatic husband makes some killer pad thai

Hanging out after dinner

Sofia had an egg hunt in our yard - that smile says it all

I don't know how to flip pictures, but here is a little family one

I couldn't wait to walk around this park with Sienna
1st time there with her

been working on Siennas memory box

this game has me laughing to myself like a crazy person

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brilliant Child

Little Miss S has been rolling over since she was 3 weeks old!!! can you believe it?

Babies don't usually do this till about 4 or 5 months

 do I have a little advanced genius on my hands? I think so.

Monkey see, monkey do

Sofia has been 'breast feeding' her stuffed animals saying they're "little babies"

hmmm I wonder where she got this idea from

Kids are the funniest

I cant wait to see what kind of mischievous ideas her and Sienna will come up with in a couple of years


Friday, April 13, 2012

1 Month old

Dear Sienna,
You are 1 month old! I was just looking at pictures of you when you were first born and you already look so very different. Please don't grow up too fast, I love your littleness. 

Here is a little big about you...
  • You have started to smile consciously, you always give Daddy a huge one when he comes home from work...its the sweetest thing in the world...I take it you miss him all day...well, he misses you too.
  • You are still in size Newborn diapers, but they are getting super snug, we're hoping just to finish the ones we have & get you into your cloth diapers
  • You have started practice 'talking' making little cooing sounds, its adorable.
  • Your sleeping patterns change're not a fan of day time naps, and I really wish you were...I may have to start drinking coffee, though I'm not a fan.
  • You GOTTA have your paci, all the time.
  • Your eye lashes are my favorite thing to watch grow
  • You love baths, and I love giving them to you
  • You love music, when you're fussy I put on Pandora on the Jack Johnson station & I sing along to his songs for you.

Hes so proud to be your Daddy..
(and that quote is true)

I think you look just like me when in this picture

you make some of the best, inquisitive faces...

but nothing beats your smiles..

sweet girl


Happy 1 month!! we love you,
Mommy & Daddy

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

all sorts of random

My sleep deprived mind is all over the place these days, and this blog entry will be too.

1. Whats with the creepy Easter bunny pictures? Sienna, I promise you that I will never make you take a picture with one of those things. I swear they get creepier with every picture I see, especially the ones wearing eye glasses. What does a bunny have to do with Easter anyway? 

2. On her 2 week birthday Sienna lost her umbilical stump, on her 3 week birthday she ROLLED OVER from tummy time...what next?! slow down little girl...I want to enjoy the itty bitty you. 

3. What makes a breast pump cost $2,000? my first car cost $1,600. Get my point? 

4. My once cute, sweet dog ate Sienna's poopy tasty...oh then he gave me kisses..(before I found the gross mess).

5. I'm pleasantly surprised how quickly my stomach shrunk back to normal form, I still eat as much as I did when I was pregnant and don't exercise...I'll take it! 

6. There is only so much you can explain to a two year old...the other day, Sofia tried to put a piece of her cookie in Sienna's mouth. She thought she was being a good girl by sharing, but oh my god...half a second of not paying attention and you have a tragedy on your hands. 

7. Having Sienna has really reaffirmed what I already incredible Dan is - as a a father... as a husband, but especially as my best friend. I love our family of three.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Keeping a 3 week old fed, happy & in dry diapers is a full time job...Some days, I don't even have time to brush my teeth in the morning...sleep is something I'm forgetting the definition of and my life is dictated by someone who is a mere 8lbs.....Being a parent is by far the hardest yet most rewarding job out there. At times its rough, but I wouldn't give up this crazy life for anything in the world.

 I just cant wait for the day I can sleep as good as she does :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

1st "real" Bath

Since Sienna's cord fell off, she was able to enjoy her first enjoyable bath today without the sling that she hated oh so much...she was so adorable & kept looking at herself in the mirror.

Here are photos of her 1st one: