Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dancing in the rain

Ever since I had kids, I feel like I've become less adventurous and hesitant to partake in things I used to jump at... things didn't involve our children, some weird guilt would come over me. I'd always find some excuse for not wanting to leave them with someone...or thinking the money for whatever we were going to do should be spend on something fun for them instead.

Last week we had the opportunity to go to a Dave Matthews Band concert, mind you we are both huge fans and have never seen a show. Of course I was iffy....making excuses as usual. Seriously whats wrong with me? Hubs finally convinced me and I had a bit of a hard time leaving the girls so late in the evening plus a big storm was coming so my debbie downer brain started going

As soon as we got there,  of course it started raining....harder and harder. It didn't stop for the entire show...we were cold and drenched by the end of the night but it felt so good and freeing once I let go of the negative thoughts.

It was a such a great night with my husband & friends....also a much needed reminder that sometimes you just have to remember to dance in rain and put your worries aside.