Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sienna-isms - 23 months

*Documenting some of the hilarious things our little sass has been saying lately*

While driving in the car with the windows opened, 
 "Daddy open it the other way" (meaning close it)

After pinching her finger in a buckle & crying over her boo boo,
 "can I have a new finger?" over and over again...I felt terrible laughing because she was crying as she was saying it but gosh..It wasn't bleeding, but daddy put a band-aid on it. She stops crying & looks at it happily "look  mommy I got a new finger!"

As I was making her lunch the other day, she says "can I have a snack please?" I told her no and that it was lunch time.  With an annoyed tone she responds with "I asked nicely!"

"Chawee (charlie) dont look at me I'm eating"

Everytime I change our bed sheets...
 "wow mommy got a new bed"

If you ask her what any of her stuffed animal or dolls names are, 
the answer is ALWAYS "Diane" (her grandmas name)

Sienna, can you sing a song?
 "no I'm too full"

Sienna, do you want oatmeal for breakfast today?
"no, only a chocolate cupcake" (only time she ever gets to have cupcakes is at birthday parties)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Its not always rainbows & unicorns around here...

We had a lovely long weekend.
Err, mostly lovely.
Sunday I would not have qualified as lovely.
Rather, it was anything but.

Someone  woke up on the wrong side of the crib in the morning and was miserable from then on.
I have yet to figure out how to handle a grumpy toddler without becoming grouch myself. I feel bad for my hubs on those days.  (sorry babe)

Point being though, its tiring putting someone else's needs before your own and while I would never go back to life before Sienna, I sometimes long for the days of simplicity of just Dan & I. Some days I cant wait for her bedtime. Selfish moments, for sure. However even those days, the frustrating moments, with a toddler that is whiny and wont nap, with saying goodbye to spontaneous plans, with anything negative you could say about life as a mama, it doesn't take long to remember why I wanted this life so badly, and why I truly love this life so much.

Motherhood is a journey. Thats one thing I've learned, it's a journey with bumps in the road, detours ahead and the occasional train wreck. Some days can't end soon enough, some days aren't long enough

It is definately not always rainbows and unicorns,

 but its real life and I think its better that way. 
It takes a  rain storm to see that rainbow folks.

 Just had to get that 'real-ness' out there, amidst the mushy gushy that can sometimes be blog-land. In fact, while we're getting all honest around here, let me just add that I'm writing this while still in my pjs, with bed head uncombed hair, and dishes in the sink. How's that for real life?


Friday, February 14, 2014

Sienna's second Valentines day

So hard to get a good picture of this busy girl lately, 
bribes are a must. We will be making some crafts for Daddy today :) hope you all have a good one!! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

lets have coffee, shall we?

Since my mind is just a big mish mosh of  random thoughts lately (preggo brain), 
I figured this was the best way to share some of those ramblings

so lets have coffee!

If we sat down over a latte Id tell you that....

I'm on the verge of deleting my Facebook account, so many gory articles going around lately I cant even deal. Granted I know those who post such things don't mean harm, but I have a hard time scrolling my feed and seeing things like slaughterings of  animals. Yes I know there are lots of awful things happening in this world we should be aware of but I just wish to have the option of not viewing such things If I dont want to. Another pet peeve....advertisements and those "my blah blah said I couldn't get 100k likes prove them wrong" the only thing holding me back is my international friends/family...its nice to pop and see what they're up to since its harder to stay in touch through the phone.

In exactly a month, I will have a TWO year old. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it....bittersweet is the best way I can describe it. Shes super excited about blowing out a candle, its all she talks about when we mention her party.

Speaking of blowing out candles, hubs and I will be celebrating our joint birthday along with Sienna next month...though since two years ago our birthday has become quite irrelevant - for a very good reason though :)

With the crazy amounts of snow and frigid temperatures in many places this winter, I'm sure thankful for a winter of 60s-70s and be able to pick citrus fruit instead of shoveling snow. We recently got Sienna a bike seat and its become her favorite thing to do, so its become our little post dinner family routine. The pictures below were from yesterday evening.

Monday, February 10, 2014

4 months with baby #2

Sienna recently came to the conclusion that mommy ate a baby and thats why there is one in there. When you eat things they end up in your belly right? so what other way could the baby have gotten in there? ;) cant argue with that. Thankfully we are no where near the birds and bees talk yet so I'll enjoy her little theory while I can.

One thing I almost forgot about from my last pregnancy is the feeling of calmness & peace that comes along with growing a little human. I feel a constant presence of comfort knowing that I'm taking care of my baby all day long no matter what I'm doing...a feeling that is binding us together and the reason why I'm already in love with this  little bean.

We'll be finding out the gender in just a couple of weeks, we just NEED to know and wish to get to know him or her on another level. It is important to us to be able to cultivate a bond between Sienna and her new sibling before July comes, attaching an identity to him or her and involving Sienna in the whole experience. 

18 weeks with Sienna & 16 weeks with baby #2
(ironically the same outfit)

I kept thinking I was SO much bigger this time but it looks like I'm about the same