Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Before the summer is over, I HAVE to learn how to swim.
I'm petrified of water that is above my waist knees and I wish I wasn't.
This is a goal of mine that Im sticking to!

we are getting married on...

November 12th, 2011

Place is established, Resort is picked, Date is set.

   We are ready to go!
Here is where...

I have been one busy bee lately

furnishing a 2 story house is no picnic, its coming along...slowly but surely.
Our blinds are ready and will be installed tomorrow- woohoo no more temporary paper ones!
Agreeing on paint colors for the spare bedrooms was a toughie. We went though several samples and still aren't sure about the color of our " unconceived baby's" room - yes we like to be prepared considering we both have baby fever lately
names are picked too.
The office we did a grayish-blue which we LOVE. The baby's room we want a brownish- beige so it matches pink or blue stuff, but its hard finding the right shade. I don't want it too dark or too light, easier said then found.
10000 diff shades of grayish-blue made it that much harder to pick

ps - paintors tape sucks and is practically useless on textured walls

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Does this sound yummy or what!?

you know you're

getting old when purchases like this get you super excited

We have been doing nothing but shopping around for the house,
I feel like I live in Target. We decided to take a break yesterday and go on a movie date.
Funniest movie Ive seen in a while

We made dinner a home, nothing crazy - just salads with some chicken. Cooking using the stove is a major no no when where is no a/c in the house still.
Yes, Charlie had a dinner plate too
veggies, rice and some chicken.

Today, we're trying to decide on a color to paint the office/spare bedroom
I really like a grayish-blue  color but there are so many freaking shades I have no idea which to pick

Bedroom is coming together...we got that painting yesterday...in Target of course.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear House,

Even thought I am in love with you
You need to stop being such a money pit.

Your owner.

 I want a new lap top so bad!
A MacBook Pro sounds so wonderful
but its price tag and our current expenses sure do not

I need to get over this craving and move on to the long list of things we things we NEED.

What Im loving today...

1. Our house looking more and more "Homey" as we add little things like plants

2. This song :)

3. How happy Charlie is to have his own territory

4. Date nights with my love
& the fact that my drink came with a back stracher haha

                                          5 . The fun of wedding planning :)

6. Royal Palms, This place is so gorgeous!

7. The fact that Dannys 86 year old Grandpa has a facebook account to stay connected with his grandson
& how sweet it was of him to send us a card

8. Skype & FaceTime sessions with friends & family
best way not to feel 3000 miles away.

9. My handsome Fiances new hair
(he finally got rid of the fro hawk)

Monday, June 13, 2011

I was thinking today just how grateful I am for the true friends in my life
  I just wish they weren't 3,000 miles away.

Erica, Steve, Kate, Colleen, Sam
-I love you guys!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My little project

Courtesy of Ikea & my backyard

Bamboo: $2.99
Glass Vase: $ 5.00
Rocks: FREE

Our yard is full of rocks, we're trying to get rid of them asap so we can put in grass...
I thought id make some use of them for now  :)

Thanks Dove,
Id like to think so :)

Busy Busy Sunday, we feel like we have a billion things to do for the house and never enough time to do any of it.

Today we spent the day arguing with Geek Squad - they came by this morning to give us an estimate on how much it would be to mount the tv above the fireplace...let me just say THEY'RE INSANE. They told us $800...umm that's more than our actual tv...we threw a fit. Since its above a fireplace they're considring it a 'custom' job..which makes no sense, its not brick or anything different than an ordinary wall. The mounting bracket itself was $279..which is crazy but we ended up buying it, just not having them do the work.Ugh frustrating.

Friday, June 10, 2011



 Today I am...

 loving this quote
making plans to plant my very first garden
blessed and happy with everything life has brought my way
looking past the rain clouds and finding the sunshine
re-evaluating the things in my life that bring me joy and the things that bring me down
 grateful it's Friday and looking forward to the weekend with my love

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Fill in the blank Friday

1.   This weekend I'm      going to so some shopping for our home.
2.  My last vacation was  _ Hawaii in March, most amazing place I have ever been to.

3.  My next vacation will be  Nappa Valley is the plan
4.  My favorite way to relax is  browse the web, read, take walks  
5. When vacationing one should always   keep an open mind and learn from each experiences

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Joys of homeownership

Our ac is broken - apparently its a new system but one particular teeny pipe "looks like was welded by a 5 year old" - according to the professional and has a leak, making refrigerant escape. So there is none left in the system & that stuff is $50 bux per pound.
(thank heavens for a home warranty)

This particular pipe needs to be custom ordered and the time of arrival is unknown aka we are out stuck in a 90+ degree house for god knows how many more days.

We went to Target last night to get a window ac for the time being, hopefully it gets fixed soon or we'll melt!

Arizona is no picnic in the summer months
luckily the rest of the years fantastic weather makes up for it.

sweet neightbors

The neighbors startarted coming by to say hello and introduce themselves - all are very nice! lots of kiddo on the block too ( as if my baby fever wasnt bad already)
One of our lovely neighbors came over with a lawn mover, leaf blower and lots of 'new homeowner' advice for us...he did our whole front yard and told us to come to him if we ever need help with anything - how nice!

I love our new life <3

" Home is wherever we are if there if theres love there too"
-Jack Johnson

Decorationg & furnishing

we said we would do it slowly and not all at once to take it easy on our bank account, but who are we kidding? the itch to make the house 'homey' asap has made me as patient as 4 year old.
I have this urge to paint & put all wood flooring throughout the house, but since the carpets are brand new it would be a shame to rip them off right now...same goes for the paint - a painter would charge us A LOT because of the vaulted ceiling, and the paint is only a couple of months old.

We had a blind lady come over to do an estimate, not blind vision wise but blinds as in window treatments.
We really like the wooden country shutters, but holy crap are they pricey....just for the main living room window it came out to almost $700...insane.


So we decided to do wooden blinds, since we will be painting eventually and changing the floor  we thought white was the best option. This 'blind' lady was awesome, she gave me so many neat tips for decorating.
after much debate we are putting our TV above the fireplace and getting a mount that pulls out, tilts and moves left and right - didn't know such a thing existed-  very pricey job but I think its gonna look awesome.

Geek squad person is coming out to make sure he can hide the cables and all that jazz.
Our yard is going to be a huge project - we listed the rocks that are there now for someone to take them - free of course. Ideally we would like to get started on the grass this weekend, before the temps get too hot for it to take, dont wanna wait till fall...again, I have the patience of a 4 year old.
I want my yard to I can get these already...

yes, there are chilly nights in AZ.

this thing reclines completely
naps outside sound wonderful

Monday, June 6, 2011

Its official

We are all moved in - FINALLY :)
This has been the busiest & most tiring weekend of my life, but well worth it of course.

We signed Friday at noon and had keys that evening

Saturday morning we woke up at 6:30 and started moving everything, Danny didn't allow me to lift anything because of my procedure 'just to be safe' - even though I insisted and knew I was fine.

Charlie was very confused and frightened, poor little guy has had to adjust to so many new places, but he already has his favorite nooks in the house.

We also had our furniture delivery the day of the move - luckily they came early so we didn't have to wait around too long, we're very pleased!

The house is a huge mess right now, unpacking is taking forever.
Thank goodness I can steal internet from the neighbors for now.

*Here is a little picture overload*

new BFF

Holy furniture


Danny reviving the grass

my little fish decoration in the downstairs bathroom

Charlies favorite spot