Wednesday, June 27, 2012

weekend in review 6/22-6/24

Here is what we did this past weekend :)

Sienna's 2nd time ever in the pool  
she still loves it as much as the first time

Planted some flowers

Princess Sienna's favorite place to nap is our bed

baked pancake - so yummy

Danny made some planting boxes for our herb garden

check out those blues...

Sofia loves to water all the fruit trees and pointing out whats growing on each one

Sienna's 1st "pony tail"

Monday, June 25, 2012

Miss Sienna learns a new trick - intimating Daddy

Friday, June 22, 2012

as parents we hope to...

read to her as much as we can & surround her with books

travel as a family and take her everywhere we go

Make all organic food for her

take road trips and go exploring

teach her about her roots

teach her Polish & take her to Poland one day

Eat dinners together at the table as a family

laugh at ourselves and savor the silly & goofy moments

do arts & crafts with her...built her imagination

teach her to love animals

spent time outside, show her how things grow

learn to be more patient ( this one is for all of us)

and most importantly...

Show her what love and respect looks like

Parenting is a hard job, hardest we'll ever have...but I think we made a pretty darn good team together, especially considering our families aren't around to help and its just the two of us here.

giggles & baby gums

I think my favorite thing in the entire world is Sienna's laugh,
 especially when its paired with seeing her little gums

Sofia & Daddy are the masters of making her laugh


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brutally Honest kid

The last few times Sofia had come over, the first thing she would say is " I like you Asia" (Asia is my Polish name, spelled like the continent but not pronounced that way.)

Anyway, I asked her why she liked me and this is what she said...

"cuz you give me lots of delicious cookies yum yum yum" and
"Baby chocolate too" (chocolate chips)

and if I don't give her those things she doesn't like me anymore 

Sounds pretty legit.

hahaha I love kids at this age.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Teething Bites

Little Miss Sienna has been teething pretty bad for the last couple of weeks,
 her fist is in her mouth constantly & shes been drooling excessively

Hopefully the amber necklace & Sophie help a bit

Drooly face

14 weeks


we spent the weekend loving our sweet baby girl to pieces, celebrating Dan's 1st Fathers day, hanging with friends, soaking up the sun & loving life

Here is a {little}photo dump
Danny made us a pitcher of sangria while I was putting together some headband orders & after Sienna went to bed we got to drink it up :) it was yummy.

Dans Fathers Day gifts - his favorite was the one in the middle ;)

 brunch & mimosas

happy happy 
(we have the same dimple!)

Auntie Megan loving Sienna

Pool ready!

Siennas 1st time in the pool 
 she loved it and it wore her out..she slept for hours after - good trick to know.

love birds
Megans boyfriend is the executive chef of a top notch restaurant in Phoenix so Danny was trying hard to make an impressive dinner - he made a mushroom appetizer and found out that Megan never had a mushroom before - lol she tried one anyway.

1st time consuming a mushroom in her life baha

Happy girl

Hope everyone had a good one :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dan's 1st Fathers day

So I have this teeny tiny suspicion that Sienna's first word will be "dada" and she'll probably share her first secret with him too. I have a teeny tiny suspicion that she will be a complete Daddy's girl, but that's ok...they're cute together and you know...I'm all about cute things ;)

Happy 1st Fathers Day Babe!

 Enjoy her now as before you know it,
 you'll be chasing away boys

Friday, June 15, 2012


I woke up this morning wishing for a nap & rethinking my gym venture last night that ended with chasing a stray kitten around the gyms parking lot...(don't ask) I'm a sucker for animals, and though hubs & I are not a cat people...I would have take this little guy home if he let me catch him.

Speaking of going to the gym, I was browsing through my hospital paperwork the other day and saw that I weighted 132 the day I went into labor...which means....I gained exactly 40lbs. (GASP!) I'm not that far off from my pre-baby weight but they're not kidding when they say the last 10lbs are the hardest to loose. So 2 weeks ago I reunited with the gym, and for some extra motivation I go with my fitness guru sister. It's nice for us to get a mini break from our kiddos too.

I'm excited the weekend! 
Here are what we have planned:

1. Celebrate Dan's 1st Fathers day, no fancy plans...I got him a small gift and would like to take him out to brunch at our favorite place...Chelseas Kitchen. Then just some family time would be nice.

2. I've started a new crafty project in Sienna's room - will share when its done :)

3. we're picking out and buying a wood floor for our living room & foyer area, our moms are yelling at us for getting rid of carpet having Sienna... They both claim we'll be sorry we did it as soon as she falls and bumps her head when starting to walk...maybe so, but I'm not gonna think about what I may be sorry about a year from now.

4. I have 7 different ETSY orders that I need to put together & get shipped, I'm so excited this little business of mine is going so well! who would have thought...I'm going to be expanding to other baby items... I have lots of cute ideas...I just need the time & a sowing machine :)

5. we're having some friends over for dinner and for some pool lounging

6. we're going to try to start our little herb garden...we finally established a spot for it in our yard...being super indecisive this 1st step took way longer than it should have

7. I wanted to go browsing at IKEA, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to deal with the weekend crows there...we'll see.

8. Plan meals for the week, go food shopping, clean the house - this is something we do every weekend

9. Watch soccer! POLAND is playing! wouldn't miss this game for anything, Soccer is the one and only sport I can sit through and actually enjoy...I guess growing up in Europe has something to do with that.

10. Hopefully I get to squeeze in a nap - it would be a miracle. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Its pretty sold out at the moment but here is my ETSY shop

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3 Months old

Dear Sweet Sienna,
You are three months old today!

I love the the age you are now, so cooey, giggly & just loving life
We are so in love with you & your constant smiles

Your Daddy will probably kill me for telling the world this...but the other day while we were in Whole Foods, he got teary eyed looking at you while you slept so sweetly...he looked at you then up at me and said " I cant believe how perfect she is" and wiped a tear...of course that got me all choked up was such a beautiful moment and I'll never forget it.

You really light up our lives in every way and I need a tissue right about now...don't worry, happy tears...happiest of them all.

Whenever we are out with you, your Daddy always wants to push you in the stroller and I always get stuck with the shopping cart...but its ok I let him because I love seeing how proud he is when he pushes you.

Your eyes are still very blue,
 we keep wondering if they're here to stay or if you'll have mamas brown, either way you are one gorgeous little girl & everyone says so...its not just us being bias :)

This month was a big one in terms for milestones & discoveries.
Your legs & arms are constantly moving 
You are fascinated by your hands and fingers
you started to drool and some say its a start of teething, I hope its not because I am so obsessed with your 'gummy' smile I'm not ready for you to have teeth yet!

You have great head control and turn over like a pro on tummy time
You love watching your cousin be silly and hyper
You love grabbing and pulling the toys on your activity mat, it keeps you entertained for a little while and that's when Mamma catches up on some quick house work or lunch.

You don't have another well visit at the doctors until next month but if I were to guess, you're probably around 12lbs now and 25 inches. Some of your 3M footie pjs are too tight on your legs because you're so tall and it makes me sad.. you have the cutest of clothes that you probably wont wear too long if at all.

You dont sleep through the night just yet, still waking up around 1 and 5AM
but boy are you smiley when you wake up.

I can't wait to see what the next month holds, each day is like a new adventure watching you discover things

We love you,
more than you'll ever know.
 -Mama & Daddy


I remember the days when my wishlist would consist of fancy designer handbags, shoes and clothes 

This makes me giggle a little, because now the top item on my wishlist is a high chair and as I'm writing this I'm wearing a 6 dollar old navy wife beater and pajama shorts both with drool and baby vomit residue and quite frankly I'll take this attire over anything fancy or designer any day for it means I'm a mom.

Check out this awesome modern beauty that I'm currently crushing on
 it would look so swell in my kitchen ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Learning from the past

Sometimes I get into these sentimental moods where I just feel like rummaging through my past, I dig up my plastic bins full of keepsakes from years gone by, pull up old photos on the computer of significant events and people that in one way or another had an impact on my life.

Some of these memories feel like ancient history, and some of those people are now strangers. 

As I look around the walls of my house or have a staring contest with my dog, I think about everything that got me to where I am in this exact time in my life and how everything really does happen for a reason.

I don't open up about everything on my blog simply because it would just not be appropriate for me to, but sometimes I wish I had started it years ago and made it private so I could have it to reflect. I started  last year with its purpose changing many times since 1st I wanted to have a blog so my family across the country could keep up to date...then when I got pregnant I wanted it to to be a keepsake for Sienna and now I'm just doing it for me, I made a conscious decision to take small moments in, and I mean really take them in.. especially now with having a baby...moments are quickly passing before you even get a chance to truly enjoy them...and I do believe that life is all about the little things.

Anywho, what I'm trying to say through all this babble is that every experience we have in life-big or small, insignificant or important, hurtful or most amazing.. shapes who you are. 

For instance, I kissed a few frogs before I met my Prince...(that's putting it nicely)..this one one guy I dated was horrible to me, abusive & psychotic.... I regretted every memory with him and hated anything associated with him- but now looking back I realized that, that particular relationship as well as some others helped build my character...there is something about getting your heart broken that teaches you wonders...How would I ever appreciate the relationship I have with my husband if I never experienced a bad one? 

I had a long conversation with my best friend about this the other day, about the specific people and events in my life that caused me frustration and hurt. He reminded me that a  friendship is a two-way street and if its not, then it wasn't a real one to begin with. Though not every adventure is a positive one, not every friend you make is a real one..its the lesson you are left with that counts....and sometimes, getting to know someone teaches you exactly who you don't want to be...either way, it molds you and whatever the outcome of that friendship is...hopefully it makes you better not bitter.

"Sometimes, I look back and shake my head...but I also smile"

I stumbled across a photo that I didn't even know existed & should have been deleted long ago (it is now)...It reminded me that I'm flawed just like everyone else I have done things I'm not proud of hurting the people I love along the way...but just like everything else that's happened to was a big eye opener. It taught me the beauty of unconditional love, dedication, forgiveness & showed me that everything I've ever wanted in life was right in front of my face, I was just too stupid to realize it at the time.

Every album saved on my computer brings back so many different memories with every click of the mouse - "Our First apartment" was one,  as I browsed through those pictures.... I remembered how happy we were to  finally have had our own place, this tiny little studio apartment in Phoenix...but it was ours and we were so proud. Though that tiny apartment had some bad memories attached with it, it was also a big stepping stone for bigger things like our 1st home. A home that we are proud to pull into the drive-way of every single day.

 This home is now a new place for us to make memories...a platform for all of Sienna's firsts...the memories of raising my sweet girl will always remain with me... some in photos, videos, and keepsakes...I know one day, years from now we'll be rummaging through them together remembering it all again.

I'm trying my very best to take in every moment, the good along with the just another piece of my own life's cake. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

my girl.

 oh how I love those giggles

I cant even take her cuteness sometimes,
she makes my heart explode!

Cousin playtime.

I love watching Sofia trying to intact with Sienna,  she doesn't really understand why she wont respond to her but shes still so sweet and tries regardless.

Yesterday when Sienna was in tummy time, Sofia laid down next to her and said
 "come on baby cousin, play with me...lets be snakes" and she drags herself across the room making "sssssss" sounds. Then looks at Sienna who obviously is still in the same spot, then looks at me and says " I don't think baby cousin likes being  snakes" 

few more months and they can actually play :) 
For now, Sienna just curiously watches Sofia

Climbing her crib to say "goodnight"

Giving her the paci whenever she gets fussy

I love when she smiles in her sleep, 
I hope it means shes having the sweetest of dreams

I love these girls SO very much!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just some random thoughts of the day...

 Thank god my parents get back from Europe today, three weeks of not speaking to my mom for more than 5 mins was kinda tough...I have so much to fill her in on with Sienna's milestones & I cant wait to hear all about the place I'll always call HOME

 This year is flying! cant believe its June already...I'm excited to celebrate worlds best Daddy's 1st Fathers Day

 I'm nervous to fly to NY with Sienna in Aug, its an overnight flight and if she doesn't sleep, there is going to lots of pissed off passengers

I want to plant an herb garden one weekend, but our weekends are always so busy I never could find the time

"when one door closes, another one opens"

I've lost touch with some people recently...but in return I've also made several new friends here in Arizona and reconnected with some old ones...I think life has its funny ways sometimes :)

 I think the most stressful part of having a baby is breast feeding, and I feel like Im the only one who thinks so but I find myself stressing about it more than anything since having her, its no wonder why so many moms quit it and go to formula...its tough...bu above is my motivation to stick to it.

My husband has an obsession with getting a vintage car, a 60s Mustang in particular just like his first, dont get me wrong I'm a sucker for anything classic & vintage but blowing money on a "weekend car" isnt the smartest move in my opinion, I just hate telling him that...its like telling a really really excited kid in a candy store that he cant have any.
Though...he would look mighty sexy in his aviators driving this beauty... ;)

 I'm super sad putting away the clothes Sienna grew out of, I literally get emotional about it. I'm holding on to her things in hopes we have another little girl one day, her name will be Ava, her & Sienna can have that sweet sisterly bond...Can you tell I've been thinking about it a lot already?

amen to that.

The more I research this topic and talk to Moms with kids affected by vaccines, the more glad I am we made the choice to opt out of it, She is the happiest baby I have ever seen..shes healthy, perfect and I intend on keeping her that way :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

a week with the In-Laws

This past week Dan's parents & brother came to visit, 
it was their first time in Arizona and they were very impressed, and even looking into retiring here. 

Cheers to that!

Having them here was actually quite entertaining,
 I missed hearing that super heavy NY accent and the outrageous funny things my MIL would say.

They all fell in love with Sienna, of course :)
and she gave them huge smiles right back as if she knew who they were & crazy they were about her...I think her uncle Perry was her favorite!

We showed them our first apartment and took them to all of our favorite places, one night they baby sat so we can go on a date, we saw "what to expect when you're expecting" It was so funny how we sat in the theater with our phones in our hands the whole movie, unconsciously checking for any calls or texts from the "baby sitters" every 5 minutes.

 blue eyes like her grandmas...

Dimple just like her Uncle...

Sienna's 1st trip to the Zoo
♥ giraffes
Brothers catching up