Saturday, April 30, 2011

Queen of procrastination

Last night in our apartment!
We're scheduled a U-Haul truck for 9AM tomorrow, and I have yet to pack up this whole place up.
Its gonna be an an all nighter, Im kinda sad to put everything in cardboard boxes.
Taking down our picture frames especially ( Im a big baby, I know)

On a brighter note, we had a very successful furniture shopping day! we got a whole bedroom set, 2 couches for the living room and a loveseat for the master. Im so excited! I'm so tired of Ikea stuff that we always ended up with to save money. Now we'll finally have solid  "grown up" furniture.

I also bought our FIRST decoration today
(this is why I'm still not packed) I'm Internet browsing & shopping instead.

I absolutely love this quote, Its going to go on our staircase wall, surrounded by a collage of framed photos of our family & friends. I came across the idea on one of the many 'decor ideas & tips' sites.
Alrighty time to tackle this chore, gonna have me some tea with a ton of caffeine first.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Charlies new fur-do...

Courtesy of Mommy.

I must get asked twice a day if hes a Pomeranian, no hes a Chihuahua...just a really fluffy one. So I decided to give him a haircut myself...surprisingly he cooperated! the mess in my bathroom on the other hand was a reminder exactly why I used to just take him to the groomers.

I think it turned out adorable :) ::::pats herself on shoulder::::
 I love my little Charlie bear.


         After :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I Love Love Love.....

This Handsome Face!

                                          My family & friends, what would I do without them?
                                                       My adorable fur-baby Charlie

OUR HOME, its everything we ever dreamed of & more!

The spot I made the best decison of my life

Yogi tea, who would think putting quotes on tea could make someones day?

 My beautiful nieces

 Dresses! and the fact that I can wear them almost all year here in AZ

 My cruiser bike

 Arizona, and its sunsets, they are unbelieveable!

Hawaii, CANNOT wait to go back!

 My ROCK, Thank you baby!

 Having the same birthday as my Fiance & shock on everyones face when they find out is always priceless

My childhood home

Babies, cannot wait to be a Mommy!

My iphone4 - Cant function without it

Our crazy/beautiful L I F E together

Decor Inspirations & Ideas...

So Ive spent a lot of time browsing online for ideas to decorate our new home, we definitely want a chic & modern feel to it

Here are some things I came up upon that I love...

I love this particular paint color, grayish blue.

great idea for the staircase wall

                                        love love this quote! goes so well with the photos

This idea is for our spare bedroom/office...We want to get 3 of the same clocks, one slightly bigger than the other 2 and label them as "Phoenix" "New York" "Poland" Of course we would set the times accordingly and have the slightly bigger one as the Phoenix, and have that one in the middle.

cute idea, for when we have children
This I'm thinking above our bed

and of course lots and lots of plants & flowers throughout the house!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

buh-bye apartment life!

Our apartment is looking more and more sad everyday, as everything  is slowly put into into boxes in preparation for our move!!

Things I will miss about it:
View of Camelback mountain on one side & the city on the other
hot tub & gym
city vibe of the area
wood floor in the bathroom

Things I will surely not miss:
My homosexual next door neighbor going at it with his boyfriend
(nothing against gays, but hearing that can be disturbing)
neighbors who party it up at 4AM
going down 4 stories to walk Charlie

We have to be out by this Sunday, its gonna be a busy busy weekend!

 Cheers to the big move!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby

Lately there has been a lot of baby talk between Dan and I....I think the relationship he formed with our precious niece has made him start thinking about having our own little one :) I still melt every time I see him with Sofi...she calls him "Daniel" and its the cutest.

Though we aren't exactly in the ideal place to have a baby, the thought crosses our mind quite often. I have always wanted to be a Mommy and I cannot wait till that day comes.

Danny is convinced that our first born will be a girl, he swears on it.....I say it will for SURE be a boy, Ive always pictured myself with a son. We even made silly bets on it, If I win I get a foot massage for a year...if he wins he gets breakfast made for a year...either way one of us scores ( I say it will be me ;)

we also discussed names, as this changes all the time....I thought I would keep track and make a list, to look back on if and when needed. Danny loves the name Vienna and Ella for a girl, I love Sienna. Ella Leif is cute for a 5 year old but I'm not sure if it sounds sophisticated for an adult. For a boy we have a much tougher time coming up with a name, it has to be easy enough for my parents not to butcher... When we were in Hawaii we kept seeing a truck with the name "Ryder" on it, it kinda stuck out.

Everytime we're in Target we peek at the baby section for fun and cuz baby things are the cutest! Pointing out teeny tiny newborn outfits makes us smile.

Here is us as babies....

Adorable Danny

Giant eyed baby
My Christening - 5 months old

Me - 5 years old

..and a little silly fun of morphing
this child looks frightened ha! and I don't see the resemblance
This one atleast has green eyes and dark hair

So for now we'll continue being parents to our fur-baby Charlie until we have a real one :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Blues

 Easter came and went, weekends seem to fly by lately. I have been sick as a dog the last few days....but of course I made it my business to make sure we have a traditional Polish Easter breakfast.

Feeling blue in the begining of the day was a mixture of being sick and missing the rest of my family in NY, I hope the day comes that we are all living in one state and can have holidays together...sure skype & photos help but sometimes they make me even more sad cuz they're a reminder of what I'm missing.

My blues went away as the day went on

Danny works 7 days a week now, but he was off on Easter which was wonderful! we made the best of the day despite of me feeling blehh and manly voice that comes along with a bad cold
Traditional Polish Easter Breakfast

Sofi eating her eggies

After breakfast we went down the street to take some photos are some...

Sofi & auntie :)

Smelling flowers..shes just so precious

Sis, hubby & Sofi

She loves her uncle Danny

she gets annoyed with the amount of kisses we give her! haha

After my sisters, we did some trespassing : x ....we wanted to go into 'our' house to take some measurements so we can figure out furniture options before we even sign the contract and move in. We've been stalking our house for a couple of weeks now, doing drive-bys and checking out the neighborhood. Needless to say, every time we go there we fall more and more in love with it!! I cannot wait to move in :) As of right now our closing is May 6th.

                         me trying to operate a tape measurer ( awful pic of me, but I had to post it cuz it cracks me up)
                                                         Danny jotting down measurements

First pic of me in my kitchen!


                                                                      one last look!

After stalking our house we went out for drinks at The Sandbar...strawberry mojitos rock!

We ended this day with some cough syrup for me, hot tub, a movie "The Switch"  (which was a great movie by the way) .....and a little surprise for our friends & family that we wont reveal for a little while....soon enough  ; ]

Saturday, April 23, 2011

States of Shame

My hubby is taking a cop test right now...I have been sick for the last couple of days, So I'm sitting home having some tea and reading random articles. I came across one particular one and had to share my thoughts about it.

Ugliest residents in North Dakota made me laugh, that's pretty insulting to those living there.

Suicide in Alaska, I can completely understand that as awful as it is. I think Id wanna kill myself too if I hardly ever saw the sun and high temperatures in the summer months were 40 degrees. Weather really does wonders on ones daily mood, I can say that from experience.

Mississippi and Alabama have the most obesity and strokes, doesn't surprise me... think how heavy south cooking is. On our drive from NY to AZ we stopped in Alabama overnight, all these people eat for breakfast is biscuits with gravy, and by gravy I don't mean the brown turkey yummy stuff, I mean THICK, chunky, lard-like white grossness. I wish I had taken a picture, I would have posted it here.
Bestiality in Washington state...hahaha WTF?
Gonorrhea in Louisiana totally makes sense too. All those creepers on Bourbon Street who go home with strangers after a drunk night out. EWW!
Highest Cost of Living in Hawaii is a bummer, I would move there in a heart beat, if it was at all possible. Seriously the most amazing place Ive ever been to.

Most porn usage in Utah also made me laugh...
Worst drivers based on accident rates in Massachusetts concerns me, considering my best friend is planning on living there. Car aaccidents in general scare me so much. I always made Danny text me as soon as he gets to work. Hes been doing that for me for as long as Ive known him. I drive like a Grandma and I don't care - better safe than sorry, right?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where do I start...

So this is my very first "blog"... I thought it would be a neat idea to archive my daily activities and thoughts. How fun will it be to look back and see how much I've grown, what has changed and what hasnt. Each blog entry will be a page in the story of my life, a life that I wouldnt want to share with anyone but my best friend and future husband, Daniel.

It seems that our life lately has been extremely hectic with the process of buying a home and figuring out life in general, growing up isnt easy thats one thing I learned. We are trying to hold it together and make the best of everyday, even when it does get intense and stressful.

“In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back.” ( I wish they were)

On a brighter note, I think its safe to say that we have found our "Dream Home" its everything we have always wanted and we are thrilled to take on this adventure and big step in our lives.