Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things I want to remember

Sienna has been such a riot lately and because I can't freeze time and have these moments to relive forever...documenting them here on this blog is the next best thing.

She's been answering a lot of questions we ask her with a "noo" lately. 
Sienna do you want dinner? "noooo"
do you want to go sleepys? "nooo"
do you want ice cream? "i chim! i chim?"

moments like these

The other day we were at the park and Danny pointed out a kid on a scooter to her, she was fascinated of course. So the next day we're out on a walk and she sees a kid on a scooter...with utter excitement she points and yells "COOTER!" 

This face...

and this one...
this is what she does when you ask her to show you her evil face

Daddy takes her on walks in the morning while I make breakfast, so when I go get her in the morning now the first thing she says is "daddy walk"

Fearless in the pool, which is good and bad at the same time.
 She has no problem jumping in and wants you to let her go when shes in

One time we were in Sprouts and she got a balloon. So the next time we were in that same store which was actually 3 week later since we were away...she screamed for a balloon the entire time. There were no balloons in sight and the fact that she remembered that it was in the same store blows my mind.

Everytime we are walking into Target she points to the red balls at the entrance and says "a big ball" they've been her obsession for months

She learned to say my first name in Polish from my niece while we were in NY, it just sounds so funny hearing her say it. 

We were in the play area of Barnes & Noble with a friend and her two year old and this lady  came up to me and asked how old Sienna was because she "speaks so well and much for her age" *pat myself on the back*

Seeing her play with my childhood doll that came here with me all the way from Poland and is atleast 17 years old. Funny that its almost as big as her.

The other day she went into the pantry, took out a bag of gummy snacks, hid in the corner behind her chair chair...ripped open the package herself and ate all of its contents...leave it to me to keep the package.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Deja vu

Couple of weeks ago I was having wine with a friend and I had a little daja vu moment.

 Remember when you were a kid....

your parents would have company over, they'd sit around the table drinking...chatting about life, politics, and stuff that sounded like chinese to you at that age....and you'd be running around the house with their kids playing and showing off your toys.

I remember those good old days clear as day...except now I'm the adult and my kid is running around with my friends kids. 

Isn't it funny how life cycles like that?
before we know it our kids are going to be having these moments as adults

Friday, July 26, 2013

In the clouds

Some of you have asked how Sienna did on the plane on our trip to NY.
She actually did great! partially because of a sweet little girl who sat behind us and was quite the entertainer for her. We also tried to time the flight with her nap time to ensure she would be exhausted and sleep the whole way...which she did.

Danny slept most of the time - (the guy can sleep through a tornado)  meanwhile I was as stuck in one position avoiding any movement so Sienna who slept so sweetly on my lap wouldn't wake. My only form of entertainment for the 4 hours was looking out the window....

There is something about being high up in the clouds and looking down at all the little houses and cars along the highways that gives me a whole new perspective on life. Every time I fly it never fails to kind of cleanse me of the filth that is down on the ground below. The stresses of life, the day-to-day, hopes, dreams, fears. It makes me think clearly

Perhaps it helps me see the "bigger picture" from way above

(Sorry for how morbid this post is about to get)

As I was looking at my husband & baby sleeping ever so peacefully...I began thinking about my biggest fear in fact.

Before I was a mother & a wife I was never afraid of death, it wasn't something I thought about or talked about.

But then I became a mother and death takes on a whole new meeting, it would mean that I would leave my daughter motherless and my husband to raise our daughter alone. It petrifies me down to my core and I know its something thats inevitable...and I know only God knows the hour but I trust in him to live to see my grandchildren.



next flight I'm bringing entertainment,  
instead of letting my thoughts run wild :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sienna's 16 month update

oh baby girl! or should I call you miss personality? you have been such a hoot lately, making your mama and dada laugh so hard. You have shown us many sides that personality of shall I put it - priceless

New things this month: 4 molars, moved to size 4 shoe, ton of words, 1st scraped knee, 1st dance class

Signature moves: fake laughing, evil face, smelling her feet, killer dance moves...she does the shoulder lean like a boss

Favorite Activities: rides in her car, exploring outside, jumping - man oh man does this girl love to jump, dancing, playing with blocks, giving charlie food

Least Favorite activities: diaper changes or anything that involves laying down or being still, teeth brushing.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


If you're a frequent visitor of my blog,
 you may have noticed a lack of posts lately

If I were to be completely honest, I would tell you that I've gone through blogging "phases"-- from addicted to unmotivated to hating it...lately the last part.

You see...there is this ugly thing called judgment and its all around us, more so in the social media world.  Any which way you say something can somehow be interpreted to look like something else...a picture can tell 100 different stories depending on who is seeing it. 

If you talk about the happy things in your're a  fake and phony
if you talk about the're a complainer and drama queen 

if you're a stay at home must be lazy
if you sent your kid to must not give a crap about your kid if you're ok with  strangers raising it

If you post a picture of your kids accomplishments... you're shoving it in someones face
if you don't...your kid must be behind on his/her milestones

not to mention if you post a picture of your kid in the carseat for he/she may not be strapped in PERFECTLY, be ready for someone to pin point your parenting screw up.

Seems like these days you have to use by the ways and don't judge me phrases anytime you post something thats on your heart because no matter how you say things people out there will to bite into you no matter what.  How sad is that? that we have to explain ourselves to the world...cant a photo just be a photo? cant we just be happy for someones good fortunes and sympathetic for their misfortunes? 

Do you know that I've gotten grief over cloth diapering? How ridiculous is that, you don't like it...don't do it. Whats it to you what my kid poops into?  All the time spent worrying about what others around you are doing...if it doesn't affect you personally who cares? 

I refuse to feel like I have to filter what I post not knowing who is out there looking at my life with a magnifying glass, because at the end of the day the only person I need to please is me

Monday, July 15, 2013

NY trip 2013

We are back!

It was so nice to spend time with family, Sienna really enjoyed her grandparents as much as they enjoyed her. She had the time of her life

here is a little video recap: