Monday, June 30, 2014

37 weeks with baby #2

Here I am almost at the finish line of a pregnancy that felt lighting fast
I'm ready to meet this rambunctious girl and see if her constant busyness in utero reflects her personality in the outside world

who will she look like?

ANXIOUS is the word I would use to describe how I've been feeling

Last week we found out she was in the posterior position, which was what lead to a csection with Sienna. I had a major breakdown that night, and lost all hope for the vbac I want so badly. Its pretty likely that I'll wind up with another csection and going through hours of labor just to wind up in that OR again will be devastating to me mentally and physically but I think I owe it to myself and to baby to atleast try. Miracles do happen right? tiny chance she may still turn from her ever so comfy and wrong for birth position.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

That moment

That moment yesterday, while trying not to break down in front of her - feeling emotionally defeated about the news of a big obstacle concerning my vbac, Sienna curled up next to me...grabbed a hold of my hand and in the sweetest soft voice said "are you ok mama? do you need a hug to feel better?" all while stroking my hand gently. 

Sienna, just when I think that I couldn't possibly love you anymore than I already do, you go and do something so kind, compassionate and so full of love.

to the moon but further, babe
so, very much further.

hugs & one million kisses,

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bumpdate - 35 weeks

The Babe
 She's head down & measuring a little behind now when in the beginning she was ahead, this may be good news for my vbac...I would rather her a little smaller than big sis - as long as of course she's still healthy. She's hiccupping multiple times a day (which I have to say,  She moves around what seems like NONSTOP....and if the whole heartburn = lots of hair wives tale is true then I'm expecting her to have an afro cuz boy do I feel like I could spit fire somedays, its awful....nothing helps either.

The Momma
I had an appointment with the midwife I saw with Sienna, SO ecstatic that I was able to switch and have her again even if it meant this late in my pregnancy. Apparently I miscalculated my weight gain thus far and I'm only at 19lbs when I thought it was way more. With Sienna I gained a total of 42 - yikes!!! not sure how and why I'm at half that with this baby...I don't think I'm doing anything different?

The Bod
Meh. Hanging in there, definitely have my bad days where I feel crippled but then I somehow managed a 6 mile hike last its definitely depends on the day or the amount of sleep I got the night before.

The Big Sis 
Sigh. Shes been a handful lately...well shes always a handful but more than usual the last week or so. How you ask? just more emotional lately....for example she'll start crying because Charlie stepped on her book - I kid you not. You'd think he devoured it or something with what huge of a deal she makes. Just little things like that...but this emotional state as I've been calling it has also had its cute side...she'll notice when I'm not feeling well and just come to me asking if I'm ok...hug, kiss and pat me on the back with genuine concern and intention to make me feel better.

I'll leave you with this hilarious video a fellow mama shared

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pregnancy Must Haves

 As my pregnancy is coming to an end.. I thought I would share with you all of my favorite things that have made the last 9 months a little easier on me.

1. San Pellegrino Sparkling Beverages -  I am not a soda drinker, but this was my go to when I was feeling nauseous...or jealous of my husband enjoying a nice cold beer and I couldn' did the trick. 

2. Maxi skirts- heaven sent pregnancy wardrobe addition in my opinion, especially the ones that are stretchy and fold down to accommodate that growing belly. I haven't had to buy any maternity bottoms thanks to these... paired with a comfy tank happens to be my daily get up as of lately.

3. Bio oil & Mama Bee - both of these saved my skin! I know they say stretch marks are hereditary which meant I should have gotten some since my mom has....but nope! not one - knock on wood they stay away for the remaining month of my pregnancy. 

4. Oceans Mom DHA & Vitamin Code prenatals- I have taken both of these through my whole pregnancy with Sienna as well as when I nursed/pumped. Plan on doing the same this time. I feel like the quality is much better than most prenatals out there, they are pricy and require 3 pills a day which can get annoying especially when nausea strikes but I wouldn't feel good about taking any other kinds.

5. Belly band - another pregnancy wardrobe must for this mama....all those shorts that fit your tush but you just cant button them anymore....well this does the trick. I still wear every pair of pre pregnancy shorts thanks to this thing.

6. Glass water bottle Sounds silly but here is my reasoning... it is recommended that you drink seven bazillion cups of water each day while pregnant. If you have a water bottle or tumbler that you LOVE.. you will be so much more likely to keep filling it up rather than just using a glass.  Maybe its a psychological thing... but I definitely have been drinking more water since getting this bottle. Also helps to have something with a lid that won't spill so you can tuck it in your bed or couch cushions for the days that you are huge & immobile. I have dropped it a million times and it hasn't broken on me.

7. Shea Moisture products- I don't know where these have been all my life, but ever since I discovered this line I have been obsessed and buying every single product they make for myself and my babes. This lotion was meant to be for baby....but I once I smelled it, I was hooked....a lot of 'good for you' products don't smell very good. This line has no yucky ingredients and is absolutely amazing. I literally cant get enough.

*If you would like to know where I got any of these products, 
I'll be happy to share - so just ask :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

One last adventure before baby #2

This past weekend, we packed our bags and set off on our last little adventure as a family of a destination we had yet to explore, a quiet little town perfectly nestled in the white mountains of Northern Arizona. It was just what we needed....not to mention a break from the triple digit temperatures that have recently hit Phoenix.

Most of all, I really just appreciated all the time I had to spend with my husband, minus the distractions of everyday life that cloud our minds at home. We turned off our phones...and focused on each other - it was quite refreshing. Our friends joined us on our second day, and stayed the night so Sienna had a little friend to explore with. 

She loved every second of this trip -  Im pretty certain it was her favorite of all trips we've gone on. In the middle of hiking through a forest she asked if we could stop, when we asked her why she said "because I want to hear the crickets" - this girl is something else I tell ya - she constantly reminds us to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Its amazing how much you can learn from you child.

 Being almost 35 weeks pregnant I had Dan look up the closest hospital to where we were staying. He thought I was being a worry wart but hey - you never know when they're ready to make their grand entrance, right? After a 6 mile hike I was having braxton hicks that night and thought it was very possible I could go into labor, thankfully they stopped.

 We tried to plan this getaway for a couple of weeks but something always came up...On Thursday we happened to notice that there was still  an open cabin at this specific resort we liked --and since we knew this would be our last chance to do something like this for a while. We were booked and ready to head out at noon the next day. Just like that. All the stars aligned for it to work out, and I'm so glad it did.

Because then we could experience all this together:

So many firsts for little Miss Sienna, flying a a forest oh and peeing in a bush...what else do you do with a potty trained toddler on a long hike with no toilets around? (she didn't have a problem doing it either which made me proud) a total nature child and I love that about her.

While on the subject of "nature" A big thanks to Peppa Pig {insert sarcasm}
for giving Sienna the brilliant idea to jump around and stomp in a 'muddy puddle'  as Peppa pig says its her wasn't a muddy puddle but a fresh pile of cow poop. Lets just say....we were glad she was in jelly shoes and near a fresh water lake.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

a little, or not so little, baby bump catch up.

34 weeks

think to say "little" here would be an understatement, Our "little" lady has got me expanding at unnatural rates as of late and the statement "about to pop" comes to mind. 

Baby is now the size of: A cantaloupe.  Baby is around 4.75 lbs and almost 18 in long.
Total weight gain: 22 lbs
Maternity clothes: no, stretchy things do the trick just fine
Sleep: awful - cannot seem to ever get comfortable, it takes 6 pillows for me to fall asleep...waking up numerous times to use the restroom and picking up 4 out of the 6 pillows that fell on the floor trying to get comfortable again. Seriously I miss sleep and I'm not getting it back for a LONG time.
Cravings: Fresh fruit, chocolate, wine.  Sounds like a perfect summer afternoon to me.
Exercise: I told myself that I would be more on top of it this pregnancy, but who am I kidding....I have no energy, the little free time I have when Sienna naps I spend plopped on the couch with my feet up
Pregnancy aches & pains: Bad nerve pain down my leg...It started after my Rhogam shot - I wish I didn't HAVE to get it. If you know me, you know my take on vaccines in general.
Worst moment this week: Sienna hitting those terrible TWOs badly this week...her first punishment.
Best moment this week: Being able to switch back to the midwife that delivered Sienna. I was so upset when she left the practice I was at and I couldn't follow her for insurance reasons, but we just switched this week so I can have her again, seriously such a huge relief with my labor anxieties
Looking forward to: Another baby appt, setting up her co-sleeper and dresser. I haven't done much yet as far us setting up so it will be fun to take out those itty bitty clothes again!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Let's chat

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, 
so lets chat & let me tell you some of random thoughts & recent happenings

  •  My parents were in town last month and my sister last week, Sienna was on cloud 9 having them here. Lately she's has been asking if we can go a plane go see them. It literally breaks my heart that she doesn't get to see the people she loves most as often as she wants. If only it was a car ride away instead of a 5 hour flight...

  •  I hope I didnt scare any new moms-to-be with my Debbie downer birth post the other day, its not that bad for everyone - I promise.
  • Hubs & I made the decision to rent out our current home & purchase a new one sometime early next year. I'm excited and overwhelmed with the thought of starting the search process again. There are so many things I always say I want to do in our current home but there is the "we won't be here living here long enough to enjoy it" we arent even setting up a nursery for baby E as originally planned.
  • Getting Sienna a library card was one of the best things we've done for her & us recently, she looks forward to going as if she was going to a candy store and loves being able to pick her books. It also solved a clutter issue in our home. We kept buying her new books as we'd get tired of the same ones quickly and they were just piling up all over the house. I donated most of them and now she gets 5 new ones every other week - win win.

  • I will never understand why in a state where citrus grows, limes and lemons are so darn expensive. Even in NY it wasn't this much! anyone care to enlighten me?

I hate to be a complainer, but this pregnancy is really kicking my butt. The AZ summer heat is dreadful....worst heartburn ever and this wild one DOES NOT stop moving making me nauseous all day everyday.