Friday, August 30, 2013

Parents, be careful

Yesterday evening, we went out to dinner with friends who have a girl close to Sienna's age. The girls were hyper during dinner so we decided to go to a nearby park to let them play. They were giggling chasing each other and having a blast...naturally.

Sienna recently learned to go down the slide on her own so she was all about it. Our friends daughter wanted to go down a big slide, so her father took her in his lap and went down with her - seconds later she was creaming. We thought she banged her foot but after crying for 20 mins...something was really they rushed her to urgent care where an x- ray confirmed she broke her tibia.

Now- this is the second friends child that this happened to this summer so I really feel the need to warn everyone about this hazard. Apparently this is pretty common and the number one reason for playground injury

what happens is...the childs shoe can get stuck on the slide for a second, combined with  the force and speed of the traveling adult putting pressure on the child's leg can result in a 'spiral fracture' as they call it. 

 I would have never even thought of that, but it could happen to anyone! It was nobody's fault...just an accident. Our heart broke for that poor babe,  I can't imagine how much that had to hurt. So PLEASE parents, its safer for your toddlers to go down an age appropriate slide on their own.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

classic example

You know how that old saying goes, "kids have more fun with the box than the present"? Well. Here is a classic example of a kiddo at a room full of beautiful toys and dozens of colorful books, this little turkey prefers a shoe box. On her head, no less....and a jump rope for a necklace.

I love the adorable reminders that sweet Sienna gives us daily about the beauty of finding joy in the simple things.  

Cheers to wearing shoe boxes on our heads and enjoying life's small pleasures!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

17 months

My little lady, 
you are 17 months old today
(written 8/13/13)

 It hasn't been the easiest month, you are really testing your limits lately. You do things you know you're not suppose to and look at me with a smirk...things like jumping on the couch, your favorite thing to do lately. Thanks for the Christmas gift idea: a mini trampoline

You drive me bananas with this, especially because your little BFF Paisley just broke her leg. Accidents happen and sometimes you cant avoid them but geeze that has made me so much more paranoid about everything you do and climb on to lately.

Its hard to get mad at this face

Still a picky eater,
 honestly - this has been my biggest parenting frustration. Everyone always says "they'll eat when they're hungry" nope, not this girl. Its a legit celebration in this house when you eat decent..which is quite rare. I just tell myself that this too shall pass, just like everything else I guess.

Smoothies or "pooodies" as your like to call them - are our saving grace around here,
 the only way you eat your veggies

You love the nursery rhyme " The wheels on the bus" Sometimes when you're screaming your head off in the car... I sing it over and over again to keep you quiet. You get super excited when you see a "bashh" (bus)

The other day you pointed to my stomach and said "baby" it was kind of strange & cute at the same time. no I'm not pregnant....yet ;)

You've been going on the potty more and more,
 the mini ice cream cone is your reward

you love your little baby friends and you've gotten good at sharing your toys except your baby....that remains off limits!

Your big cousin Sofia "shshia" as you say, is your idol... you do everything she does and even ate something you don't usually eat just because she was. 
still rocking a baby mullet, though its slowly getting longer

you said your biggest sentence the other day " what did you do baby?" probably because we ask you that atleast 10 times a day when you're getting into things you're not suppose to. You know say many Polish words...I try to teach you things in both English and Polish. Sometimes when we ask you what something is you'll say the Polish name for it and sometimes English.

you started going to dance class this month - you LOVE it!
I love seeing you in that big puffy tutu...last week, you cried when we had to take it off knowing the class was over.

Funny ways you say some things

soup - poop
soap - pope
potty- pobbie
big girl - bee go
pineapple - apple papple
smoothie - pooodie
dabi- any kind of berry
car - kai
cup - bab
sun - nan
Sienna - Nenna
Hawaii - Hawawie

Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet Mr. Leif

Dear Husband,
 here are some things I want to remember

1. You're so darn neat and organized that you almost make me look dresser looks like a tornado compared to yours.

2. You request that Sienna does not part take in cheerleading or softball, but perhaps golf or soccer. We shall see.

3. Your anal about toothpaste globs in the sink - thank goodness we each have our own, though I prefer your side - you always shoo me away to mine...its kind of entertaining to mess with you in that department :) 

4. Dust bunnies and clumps of hair gross you out. I think its hysterical and cant help but tease you with it

5. Your eyes are the craziest color...greenest of green with yellow specs

6. You refuse to cook unless the kitchen is spotless....why, I ask myself? It's only going to get dirty again.

7. You claim that you're growing whenever your legs hurt....keep dreaming buddy

8. You wont watch a movie unless its dark out

9. You would be more than thrilled about having more're not obsessed with having a son like most guys

10. The first thing you notice about people is their teeth

11. You hate when I put dishes on the left side of the sink, you'd prefer no dishes at all....a clean kitchen keeps your sanity for whatever reason.

12. You're extroverted, always getting into random conversations with everyone and anyone around...most often at Target when you're bored waiting on me

13. You can never find things....even when they're in front of your face. You'll call me over to help you find something thats staring right at you.

14. You used to HATE beer until had you try his Polish beers

15. You don't like eating leftovers....and I hate wasting food 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: She's the boss

So excited to be joining MeganLindsay and Kelly in my very first Trendy Tot link up!

Sienna is quite a busy body these days so our favorite outfit choice has to be leggings & tees..comfy and cute :) She's gotten into accessories lately and actually keeps them on which makes me a little giddy...not to mention that her hair is now long enough for a tiny little ponytail...oh having a girl is so fun!

Tee & Leggings: Old Navy
Sunglasses: thrifted
Sandals: Saltwaters

she sure is the boss around here! :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weight loss story

This whole weight loss thing has been a struggle for it is for most people.
I've always been fairly thin my whole life, so having these extra few pounds I've been sporting have been extremely frustrating  - though I try to remind myself that I did birth a child not THAT long ago

(but long enough where it needs to be GONE!)

I gained a whopping 42 lbs with my pregnancy
12 weeks                                                           40 weeks

the weight was flying off....until I stopped breastfeeding/pumping
the last 7-10lbs left over was my mission to get rid of

I signed up for the gym, but who was I kidding with that. Never was able to find the time or motivation...Danny would come home from work and Id wanna hang out with him, then it was time to make dinner, bath & bed for sienna...and at the end of the day... I'm just exhausted and ready for bed myself

Then I decided to try Jillian Michaels & really change how I ate. Welll....Jillian got annoying after a week and my frustrating toddler lead me to my guilty pleasure of sweets & junk. Pretty sure I've become a bit of an emotional eater....After a LONG tough day Id just wanna plop down with some wine & ice cream or cake.

Last month we went home to NY for 2 weeks where my mom & mother in law cooked us our favorite very missed meals...who could turn down mamas cooking no matter how fattening it is? Also, there are no Italian bakeries in AZ...or good Pizza...or good bagels. So of course we binged on all that stuff! result....I came back 3lbs heavier.

Tired of being unhappy with my body & Hawaii on my mind I told myself that this was it! No more cheating, I'm doing this and sticking to it this time!

Here is my 3 week progress 
yuck..I hate the before photo. Can't believe I'm sharing.

 I still have long ways to go but I wanted to share my story and tell you all that it is possible if you really discipline yourself. My husband brought home a sandwich from my favorite sub place today(Jersey Mikes)...Cant say I wasn't drooling a little bit while eating my little puny kale salad...but hey! I didn't cave :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Its August/almost FALL

Though it hardly will feel like Fall here in Phoenix - till about early October at least,  I'm super excited to get into my Fall/holiday mode again! With our upcoming trip to Hawaii I'm  hoping August goes by quick. Danny has been getting Sienna excited for the trip telling her we're going to see turtles there....she will be one disappointed kid if we don't!

What have we been up to lately?

Danny has been busy with work and clients, 
though he always makes time for his gals :) 
particularly this little one who has him wrapped around her finger

I have been trying to get my butt in shape, its long overdue and I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself. I have made some serious changes in my lifestyle and I'm sticking to them this time!! Clean eating & working out regularly. As much as I cannot stand Jillian Michaels, I do think shes on to something with this DVD...visible results in just days. I'll post my before and after when I complete it.

Sienna has been on a speech roll lately, I cant even believe the things she says and comprehends sometimes. We got a new rug a couple of days ago and today as I'm walking downstairs with her she points to the rug and says "mama! new rug!"  She repeats just about everything you ask her to and has the memory of an elephant. She'll remember things from months ago and we always find ourselves saying "how does she know that??"

Friday, August 2, 2013

moment captured

Yesterday while I was in the middle of cooking dinner...Sienna ran over to the kitchen and started wiggling her little hips to whatever song was playing on my oldies pandora station. I scooped her up and we danced around the kitchen. Danny stood in the doorway smiling and grabbed his phone to catch this little moment..I'm so glad he did, because I'm always behind the camera and these moments with my girl often go undocumented....I wasn't going to share...but the goal of my blog is to always be I don't care that I look like a mess, that I'm rocking a 2 day old ponytail, wearing no make up & workout clothes. This is real life, raw & real...Judge as you please.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chocolate Gluten-Free mini muffins

Chocolate. I am pretty much obsessed and if there is anyway that I can incorporate it into a healthy snack, I will. These are super rich, chocolatey and have an added bonus of being gluten-free. We are not a gluten free family, though we try our best to reduce our gluten intake as much as possible. A glass of milk is a must when consuming these :)

Pre-heat the oven to 350°
  • 2/3 cup cocoa powder 
  • 1 egg + 1 egg white
  • 1/4 cup of maple syrup (a great healthy sweetner)
  • 1/4 cup of dark chocolate chips (mini or chopped would be best)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/8 cup of coconut oil; melted
Combine all ingredients and stir well.  Scoop into mini muffin pan (should make 12.)  Bake for 10-11 minutes.  Do not bake too long or they will be dry.  Remove from pan when cooled.  Top with peanut butter or strawberry jam if desired.  

I leave you with a little clip of my sweet girl :)