Monday, October 31, 2011

Sofias 1st time Trick-or-Treating

My sister thought that she was too little to go, but I knew she would have fun Dan & I got her a costume and took her :) She had a blast!

all ready to go!

after the first house!
She even said "trick-or-treat"

My little Garden Gnome 

Thoughts on Halloween

 I grew up with a much different version of Halloween. In Poland, and in many other countries...November 1st is actually 'a day of the dead'  families visit cemeteries to light candles and pay respects to their deceased loved ones..cemeteries all over are filled with  lights...such a respectable & beautiful thing to do. I remember going to my Grandfathers grave when I was a kid and I wish I still could every year. As my father says " Halloween in American is an idiotic, stupid thing" When I see grown women use this holiday as an excuse to dress like hookers, I can say that I fully agree with that statement.

So yes, though I much rather be in Poland at this time...I do live elsewhere now and have to accept the difference in culture, I wont be a debby donwer for all the kiddos in my neighborhood who will be knocking on my door later. Hubby & I will be spending our evening giving out candy for the first time in our own home.

Random thought : I'm gonna have a 7 month old this time next year!
I cant say that I haven't already looked at costumes for her to wear next year : P

it gets me every time...

Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets teary eyed during this commercial

maybe its just my pregnancy hormones but the part when they're on skype with the baby really tugs on my heart strings!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

20 week bump

I think Im seriously gonna miss being pregnant, I adore my growing belly & feeling my little peanut nudging me all the time.

One week of spending time with our closest friends & a beautiful place....getting to marry the most amazing man on the planet...

yep, hands down best week of my life!!

The wedding was exactly what I have envisioned  it to be, the resort surpassed everyone's expectations, scenery was amazing, food was great, drinks...well couldn't tell ya about that one..but everyone else really enjoyed them!

 One thing I learned is that I could NEVER live anywhere where there is humidity...I forgot how disgusting it is....the temperature was in the 80s, and my poor groom sweat through his suit at one point. 80s in Arizona is perfect, so I forgot that the same temperature can feel so drastically different somewhere else...that is my one and only complaint about the whole wedding.

Since we got back, we have been chasing our tails...My parents and sister flew back with us then a few days later my aunt from Chicago flew in...So I had my hands full, but it was so nice to have a full house, almost the whole family in one place...this never happens.

We dont have our professional pictures & video yet, turns out the photographers wife went into labor on the day of our wedding...some luck huh? So hes taking a while to get back to us with it all, which I understand but Im also getting very impatient...So till then here is a little recap/photo overload of the photos we do have

My insanely handsome groom :)
yep, I cried walking up to that smile

With our dear Moms

Im pretty certain that we picked the most beautiful place to get married :)

Uncle 'Dan Dan' with our sweet flower girl

Love these ladies!

Multiple photographers = everyone looking in different directions

We took a sunset dinner cruise with all of our friends & family the night before the wedding
It was one of my favorite parts of the wedding! everyone had a blast.

Lovers beach behind don't do justice!

We started dinner right as the sun was setting...
the little things that I loved

Danny had his fun...

...and I had mine

Life from a sunset point of view...

I'm leaning, day by day....that there are going to be storms - horrible storms. Roads may be washed away, causing me to find other routes, and the lighting will most definitely frighten me. However, those storms will pass...and no matter how hard it may be at the time to see, that beautiful sunset will show itself to me  and for that moment, I will look around and know that the storm was what made the beautiful sunset so 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

a little preview of our yard :)

Today is the first Saturday that we are actually home all day, not running around doing errands and shopping for the house...and that's only because we are getting all of our windows replaced...kind of an annoying, hefty, but needed expense...The old windows were not energy efficient, outdated and single pane.  We needed ones that were easier to child proof. These guys have been here since 7AM this morning, it is now almost 4...but at least it gives me a chance to catch up on my blog...once  they're done there will be a lottttttttt of cleaning to do, there is dust everywhere...even on the keyboard I am typing with now... I'm sneezing up a storm here.

 Danny is catching up on some more yard-work in the mean time..mowing the lawn, planting some more fruit trees...which I must add is not an easy task...there are already about 8 trees out there so digging is a horror because of all the roots he hits...but its coming along... slowly but surely.

we finally hung it today!

new baby lemons

a sweet little reminder of Hawaii 

I'm new at this - don't laugh : p

 red grapefruit tree - planted 10/29/11

Apple tree - planted 10/29/11

The hard work is paying off! I need to take a before and after picture, the whole yard was covered in rocks when we first moved it - it was awful! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

20 weeks

Dear Sienna Banana,
    We are half way there! Cant you believe it? it flew by, part of me is sad because I absolutely love being pregnant, but I'm also so very excited to meet you. This week has been the most fun yet, you have been kicking up a storm..always on my lower left side, is it especially comfy there? 11pm is always when you start partying in my belly, you're very punctual... You get that from your Daddy. Two people finally asked me if I was expecting, about time you showed yourself a bit! I cant wait to start your nursery, still so much to do before you arrive so stay in there till March and keep kicking, just not too hard please :)


Monday, October 24, 2011

Time flies...

My sweet niece Sofia is TWO today!
how is this possible? I was just at the hospital when she was born

when asked how old she is, she says shes " 50 50 months" no idea where she got that from but is funny :)

She will out of no where say " Sofia loves Asia so much" melts my heart

I love you!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thanks yahoo...

When Danny was a kid, he was obsessed with astrology...
So he decides to get up at 5AM ON A SATURDAY to watch a meteor shower that according to yahoo was suppose to happen.
I got up too, figured I needed to get used to getting up that early anyway
We went to the park that's a 30 second drive, waited and waited and no meteor shower!mister 'I love astrology' was very disappointed to say the least,

I got to enjoy the sunrise so I didn't complain :) 

here are some photos...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We're Married!!

More to come :)

story of these newlyweds...

To think...two people are born..born on the same day, same month, even the same year...born three hours apart, in completely opposite parts of the globe. Born to different parents, different ideals. Two separate experiences & upbringings. 

They lived 4,396 miles apart...still unaware of each others existence. She dreamed of him her whole life. He dreamed of her...a faceless ideal, to an age old desire. Is it fate to believe when their lives collide? Or, is it merely, pure coincidence; the right place, at the right time. Destiny or not, these two met. Their two hearts and two souls collided, completely unaware that their dreams just caught up to them...and somewhere along their separate journeys, these two people became exactly who they needed to be for each other.

On September 24th, I married my other half...the person I have dreamt of my whole life.