Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I wonder....

...if these blues are here to stay

Daddy has light green, on some days grey
Mommy has honey brown

What will this little beauty have?
I guess time will tell.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Its been a busy week...

In-laws are visiting - will catch up with the blog world soon :)

For now, here is Sienna doing tummy time today
she loves it and turns onto her back when shes had enough.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I think someone has baby fever again...

the next day..

This pic popped into my head when Hubby started talking baby number 2 was this pic
sweetest way for big sis to announce it 

My thoughts on a second baby: It would be tough to divide the attention between two kids, I'm experiencing this with Sofia at the moment and shes not even my child...shes sweet with Sienna but when I have to tend to her she sometimes tries real hard to get my attention & plays baby..the other day she sat in Siennas bumbo seat sucking her pacifier. I know diving the love wouldn't be a problem with a second baby, but time management would become much more challenging. I know I want my kids close in age, and I don't want to be over 30 when I have my last child. ( we want 3) I also don't want the pregnancy to interfere with breastfeeding, which I plan to do for atleast a technically next summer would be ideal, It would be hard but certainly worth it. It also depends what kind of toddler Sienna is, If shes anything like Danny was according to his moms stories...I think we'd wait longer. So we'll see, of course it would be a blessing whenever it happens.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh ETSY...

I've come to realized that I'm spending WAY too much money on ETSY buying Sienna headbands...they're majorly over priced, yet so cute and temping ( that's how they get ya)

So I decided that I'm going to start making my own, as soon as my in-laws go back to NY I'm hitting up all the craft stores getting started this project rolling :) If they turn out cute, I'll give some away to some of my IG Mammas and if they become a hit I'll start my own ETSY shop...affordable for everyone,  since it drives me crazy to see some on there for 18 dollars+shipping....for ONE headband.

I made a baby, I think I can handle some headbands ;) hehe
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

weekend in review. pt 2

This past weekend hubby and I also played photographers.
My friend had asked us if we'd be willing to do a photo session of her & her boyfriend

being the picture taking junkies we are, 
we were more than happy to!

Hubs was shooting the pics, I was calling the spots & poses - it was so much fun and we even joked about making a business out of it, super fun way to make some extra $.

here are a couple of my favorite shots
 (before being edited)

they're so cute together!

This weekend, we also realized that we cant get another dog like we wanted, Calista & Travis came over after the pictures and Charlie was not very pleased with their dog...I'm glad we figured this out before bringing a new dog home.

Sunday, Our new neighbors came over for dinner with their sweet baby girl Sophie, (Sienna's future BFF) I'm so happy that there are so many babies & kids on our block for Sienna to play with when shes a little older.

Here is a pic of Calista & I - 
1st friend I ever made in AZ :o)

Monday, May 21, 2012

weekend in review. part 1

I hope everyone reading this had a lovely weekend!

Ours was full of sweet baby laughter, yep Sienna started laughing out loud...its the most precious sound we have ever heard..and just like the smiles in the beginning...only Daddy can get it out of her.

 Danny came over to her and started saying things in a silly voice & she loved it!we cant get enough.

tell me that didn't make you smile?

She is seriously the happiest baby ever!
Always smiling as it is, now laughing & giggling too!

we are so happy shes this happy.

1st thing in the morning
(9 weeks old)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

two months old

Dear Sienna,
This past Sunday, on my 1st Mothers Day you turned 2 months old!
these have been the fastest two months ever

You are by far the happiest baby I have EVER encountered - constantly smiling, you only get a little fussy in the evening but even so - you are not much of a crier...but a little observer, you love sitting in different parts of the house looking at everything with your little quizzical facial expression that just cracks me up...

those brows kill me 
you continue to grow and change everyday,
this month you discovered that your arms and legs work!
you love to kick and splash in the tub and I love letting you, I just keep adding warm water and watch you have a ball

your napping schedule is unpredictable but I'll take what I can get during the day, you nap best in your swing or snuggled next to your Daddy or me. 

Your Auntie said that you're are a little supermodel in the making

current weight: 9lbs 10oz (25th percentile)
current height: 23 inches (75th percentile)

your doctor said that you're growing  & developing right on track
you are vaccine free, breast fed, cloth diapered & perfect.

I thank my lucky stars that don't have to supplement you with formula, 
It would absolutely kill me if I had to because of course, I want the best for you.

We love you so much little one!
-Mommy & Daddy


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


All of my favorite things :)

Newborn Essentials

Here are some of my favorite things for Sienna since she's been born in no particular order, just things we absolutely love :)

1. Aiden & Anais blankets - best ever!!
 These make regular receiving blankets feel stiff like cardboard...I wish I had discovered them before stocking up on the regular ones, they're all I use as far as blankets. They are quite pricey, but so worth it.

2. Gumdrop soothies by Hawaii Medical - I don't even know what I would do without these, Sienna would use my breasts as her pacifier in the beginning and I wanted to crawl out of my skin, she wanted to be latched on literally 24/7. At the hospital I was discouraged from giving her a soothie and I'm glad I didnt listen because both her and I would be miserable if I did. These soothies are softer than the regular store bought ones, we ordered 10 of them online.

3. Ergo carrier - I cant shut up about this carrier, easy to put on, cozy and comfy for both baby and mom, doesn't hurt your back or shoulders, you can use it from birth to 35lbs! It has amazing reviews all around on every single site. I look foward to using it while hiking & traveling to NY with Sienna.

4. Swaddle blankets - These were a must have in the first weeks, wrapping her up like a little burrito made her sleep so well. I still swaddle her but I leave her arms out...she freaks out if I dont, its kinda funny.

5. cotton hats - Even though its hot in AZ, I still use these everyday...with the AC being on in the house I put these on her immediately after a bath to keep her from getting cold...dont we all walk around with a towel on our head to keep warm after a shower? :) same concept.

6. terry cloth bibs -I go through bibs like water...terry cloth ones are the best because they actually absorb spit up unlike with others it kinda just rolls off and ruins their clothes anyway.

7. Butt Paste- Sienna hardly ever has a red tush, but when she did this stuff worked like magic - it made it go away within a couple of hours

8. Bassinet - I'm going to be super sad once Sienna outgrows this, having her at arms reach next to our bed is wonderful

9. My little snugabunny swing - Sienna spent her first few weeks napping in this, its so cozy I wish they made it for adults...lately shes been loving staring & smiling at the birds :o)

10. Medela symphony breast pump - this thing is a beast! I love it, it miniks the sucking of a wonder it costs close to 2k - we are currently renting it.

Monday, May 14, 2012

1st Mothers Day

I feel so blessed to be a mother to a healthy and happy, beautiful little girl. 
Despite some frustrating times here and say she lights up my days would be an understatement, watching her grow for the past two months from a tiny squishy newborn into a smiley chubster has been so fun and rewarding. 

There isn't a love 
quite like a mother has for her daughter

My Laughter & my tears
My hopes & my dreams
My greatest challenge & my biggest joy,
My sweet little girl 

I have dreamt of being a mamma for so long
 Thank you Sienna for making it come true

and a thank you to this handsome guy for making my first Mothers Day special :)

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mammas out there,
Today especially I'm missing my mom
 some days, more than others
it's really hard being away from family and friends.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Life has been super busy lately,
 with the baby, Danny picking up new clients & just keeping up with every day things we feel like weeks are flying by without us having a second to stop & take everything in

Sienna is going to be 2 months tomorrow
when did that sneak up on us?

This past week we had visitors from NY
Nick & Kate - our really good friends & Sienna's Godparents.
I got so used to them being here for a week that when they left the house felt so quiet & empty, kinda made me bummed out that they live thousands of miles away & we cant just hang out whenever we feel like it...but of course we made the best of their time here.

Sunday in Sedona

thank goodness for the ergo, its worth every penny.
(I have an extra one I'm selling, if anyone reading this is interested let me know)

I love this place

just hanging by the lake

Kate cooked us dinner & 
it was a perfect evening to eat it outside

ah I missed doing this!

first night out without Sienna
(she was at my sisters)

It was nice to get dressed up again (8 weeks PP)

Kangaroo chili or burger anyone? Danny got crocodile kebabs
( I wasnt brave enough to try any, though this place is very reputable)

a little wine & kangaroo before their flight back
(I could never get used to referring to kangaroo as someone meal)

I adore this photo

Sienna loved her uncle Nick