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I'm Joanna & I'm the voice behind this blog
I was born in a small town in Poland, grew up in New York and made a home in Arizona

I'm a new mommy and wife
documenting tidbits of this lovely little life I've been blessed with

{Our story}
I met my husband on MySpace,
saying that still makes me giggle

We were both 18,
 he came into Friendly's, a restaurant where I was waitressing 
we spotted each other out in the crowd,
 after that we became inseparable & still are to this day
you can read the whole story here

{Dream come true proposal}
On July 6, 2009 -Danny asked me to marry him 
on top of the Eiffel tower on our vacation in France

{Goodbye NY, Hello PHX}
We knew that NY was not were we wanted to live and start a family,
so we packed my car with our belongings & we headed for sunny Arizona
we got there on the 4th day,  December 29th, 2010. We lived with my sister for a little while, then got an apartment & eventually bought a home

{Home owners at last}
on June 3rd, 2011 we got the keys to our 1st home
it was the proudest moment of our lives

{we're pregnant!}
a month after moving into our house
we got the best news possible...a little baby was on the way :)

{Our fur baby Charlie}
Charlie is our long haired Chihuahua
he will always be our 1st baby

{Our wedding}
the original date was 11.11.11 - booked & all
but since we got a little surprise, 
we moved the date to September 24th 2011 
that way I was able to still fit into my wedding dress...oops :)
I showed a little bit...or atleast I thought so

{Our beautiful Sienna is born}
On March 13th, the day after our 25th birthday (yes, we have the same birthday)
we welcomed our daughter into the world
her birth story here

{family of three}
Sienna is now almost 6 months old, this blog is mainly for her. 
I plan on turning it into a book so she can one day read the story of how she came to be and how much we love our life with her

Sienna - 5 months old


  1. Just seen you became a follower of my blog! I am new to blogging as well! Your blog is adorable!

  2. For some reason I didn't know you lived in AZ. I lived in AZ for 11 years and just moved recently!! This is so sweet and your blog is by far, one of my favorites.

  3. Girl, you just have the cutest little life. I love it! :)

  4. I met my husband on Myspace too! What a great proposal!

    You have a beautiful family!

  5. Your daughter was born just three days after mine! :)

  6. Your daughter is beautiful! Love reading your blog! New follower :)

  7. If ever fate brought two souls and two hearts together for a reason, it was you guys. Love this :)

  8. What a romantic proposal! I see you're a fairly new blogger, as am I! Thanks for following me! I'm following right back! :) Your little family is beautiful!

  9. I loved reading all ABOUT you and your sweet family!
    Such a happy story, and a great one to be able to tell forever!
    I can't believe our little princesses are exactly a month apart - and that March is your busiest birthday month :)

  10. I love this! You have such a beautiful family and I'm so glad I've found your blog, I love it!

  11. Love this! What a dreamy proposal!
    I can't wait to be a home owner !

  12. What a lovely story! That is awesome that you guys have the same birthday!

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    Xoxo Yesi @ For Miami and Love

  16. Aww - SO many amazing things about your story! Meeting on Myspace is awesome, lol ;) I can't believe you guys have the same birthday, how crazy!!

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  21. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for the follow! I'm excited to follow you as well. I also have to add that my husband and I met on Facebook at age 18, so I can totally relate to your story there!

  22. Oh my gosh! My fiance and I just moved away from Arizona! I was in Phoenix for about 5 years, then I lived in Flagstaff for four!


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