Friday, July 29, 2011

My mom says to me today "you better make Danny wear his wedding band everyday, cuz hes so handsome someone is gonna try to snatch him up if he doesn't"

oh moms, gotta love em.

we got our wedding bands the other day,  he has his home already mine isnt ready because of sizing..but hes never worn any jewlery before so hes been 'practice' wearing it...such a dork :) luckily his exact words were " I cant wait to wear it everyday" Phew!


Took my cutie pie niece to the Childrens Museum the car she was singing "old mcdonald had an aligator" and " hands, shoulders, kneees and butt" shes such a riot, who sure can wear you out...I am exhausted now.

So its Friday night, and my plans are cleaning the house...scrubbing 3 bathrooms. Sounds exciting eh? yep, home ownership has its perks.

Thank goodness the weekend is here and I get to spend some time with my babe, think we're gonna do some yardwork...not exactly very exciting plans but its gotta get done. I sorta hope the weekend goes by fast beacuse I am looking forward to Monday!! :) if some of you guys dont know why yet, you'll find out soon enough.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thankful & blessed...

Just feeling very grateful for everything thats come my way,
Couldnt ask for anything more

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7 weeks

Dear Baby,

We have been on this journey only 7 weeks and I can tell you its been quite a ride. As soon as my 6th week was over, you stopped giving me cramps and started giving me nausea (Thanks for that). Throwing up while making breakfast is not the ideal way I wanted to kick off my 7th week but its OK, I love you're worth all of this. I have been eating only the best things, to make sure you're healthy for me...I even cut out all caffeine and let me tell you that was very hard for me, I don't even drink iced tea anymore and have a minimal amount of chocolate. Your super excited Daddy went to the baby store while Mommy was at work to buy you something, he came home with bottles - it was so very sweet of him and I hope you have a kind, thoughtful heart just like him.....maybe you can get his green eyes too  :) On Monday I am finally going to the doctor to make sure you're really in there! I hope I get to see you or atleast hear your little heart.


I am dearly missing my nieces...

I impatiently wait for the day where the whole family lives in the same state,
or atleast on the same coast.

Weddings cost a fortune

I figured that this wedding was going to cost us a lot,
just didnt realize it was going to be this much.

 50 Wedding invatations $200 bux, 
they arent even fancy shmancy like some Ive seen

veil $180

dress I wont say but it was more then I wanted to spend

not even gonna say how much our photographer cost...
this however was one of the most important aspects of the wedding for me.
The big day will come and go, pictures  & memories will be forever.

based on the upcoming events & the amount of photos we will have, we decided to get a new computer with a ton of memory space on it - it is verry verry needed for more then one reason.

I hope these next two months fly by :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Kania gene pool makes the best looking kids out there!!

My nieces are proof

Olivia 7, Adriana 15 months

Sofia 22 months

Monday, July 11, 2011

Let the countdown begin

Fountain Hills - 6/29/11

We are equality excited for the wedding as we are stressed
My anxiety level is wayyy up there and its only getting worse

Life is hectic, in a crazy/beautiful kind of way
There are bumps in our path, but together we're making the best of it as we have been for over half a decade now :)

::deeep breaths::

I would really just love to fast foward to this...
Marrying my best friend,
Gorgeous Cabo, San Lucas
my family & closest friends
sounds like paradise to me!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 years ago today....

 I was in Paris eating this....

& making the best decision on the very top of this...

The snails...not the best choice... 
Saying YES to a marriage proposal from the most amazing man any girl could ask for,
hands decision of my life.
♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th

Happy Birthday America, Thanks for the day off.

Hubby & I woke up early today...earlier than one ever should on a holiday, but there are some exciting things filling our minds, not allowing for much sleep to occur!

Anyway, we made some eggs, did some necessary wedding things and headed up North to Payson for a little picnic, it was a wonderful day :)


When we got home,
Danny got to play with his new toy & I got a delish dinner out of it.

House progress

Our office/guest bedroom is almost complete
& it came out awesome!


I'm loving

how completely unpredictable and wonderful life can be


Sunday, July 3, 2011

dresses dresses dresses

Why do all Moms like Disney Character-like puffy wedding dresses?

I want my Mom to love my dress, but I just cant see myself in something that big..being that I'm also short Id look like a fluffy cupcake (not happening )

I was set on a particular one, but being a very undecisive person when it comes to things like this I decided to keep looking, after trying on a dozen dresses I now know exactly what I want. I just need to find it now, thats the hard part.

    I want....
sweetheart neckline

Here are some I tried on..

I'm thankful for ...

My best friend & Fiance.  I can blabber on forever about how wonderful he is, but I'll spare everyone ;)  I'll just say he puts other guys to shame.

My friends.The friends that text just to ask how my day is going, call just because, email when they're bored, those are my friends. And I am so thankful for you. (You all know who you are). 

My home. Just the other night I was standing in my room and I just stopped what I was doing and I looked around. I said quietly to myself "It's mine." I still am shocked that at the ripe age of 24, I own a home. A beautiful home. A home in a wonderful neighborhood. In an excellent school district. I am beyond proud of it and wouldn't trade it for the world.

My fur-Baby Charlie.He's just such a cuddly mommas boy, After a long day at work coming home to his wagging tail warms my heart.

My family. I remember the days in middle school or high school that if I were to be seen with my parents it was considered social suicide. Now, I'd give anything to hang out with my parents. Funny how times change! My mom and I talk on the phone a several times a day, but its nothing like actually spending time in person.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Finding out the big news!

July 1st 2011

I was feeling very 'off' all day, by that I mean just not myself...things I used to love the smell and taste of had me at the verge of gagging. Dan & I ate at our favorite sushi place. I ordered green tea, something I always drink...this time I took a sip and spit it out. It so foul to me, Dan tried it and said it was fine.
Later on that night, everything was smelling "bad" to me...I started sniffing everything and wondering what it was that bothered me, couldn't figure it out... Danny went to work and I got to doing some house work, a little bit of cleaning and last of unpacking a couple of more boxes of bathroom stuff. As I was putting everything away, I couldn't help but notice how HUGE and I mean 5 months pregnant kinda huge my stomach looked....most bloated I have ever been in my life. I even took a picture of it to show Dan because I have never seen my tummy that gigantic.
(debating  if I should post it here)

So....all these little things started making me go
" HMMMMM...." Could it be what I think it could be?

My period wasn't due for another 6 days, so I haven't missed it yet obviously but it was early enough to take one of those "first response tests" so, its about 9 PM  at this point and I'm heading out to Walgreen's to get a test. Apparently Walgreens is the place to be on a Friday night because I couldn't even get a spot, I had to wait for somebody to come out.

I picked up Charlie some dog treats while at it and hurried home.
I peed on this thing, not thinking it would ever be positive and that I would just calm my feelings of 'weirness.'

Sure enough it was positive!!!

My eyes popped out so much, I almost wish someone had gotten a picture of that cuz I'm sure it looked like something out of a cartoon. I then peed on another stick thinking I must have been reading it wrong, another positive.

So I decide to run out again and get another test, this time one that actually says "pregnant" or "not pregnant"

I thought to myself....
'no freaking way! people try months even years for this

So there, Its official...I'm gonna be a Mommy :)
VERY excited, VERY surprised and kinda sorta wished it would have waited till after the wedding, but not everything always goes as planned, right?

First person I text was Erica, I ran this by her before I even took the test
her reaction "OMG! OMG! AH!" pretty much like my reaction too.

Second person I told was my sister Monica, it was late in NY by then so she got scared that I was texting but after words she was excited :)

Danny was at work and I really didnt wanna tell him via text - so I had to wait till he got home, it was insanely hard to text him throughout the night and not say anything. When he came home I just gave him a big hug without saying anything and handed him the 3 tests, he was very confused at first and said "what is this?"
After he figured it out, he was super excited of course,
he even teared up a bit - it was such a sweet moment for us

According to my own calculations the due date will be sometime around our birthday,
Some sites told me March 10th...some March 12th.
I wont know for sure till the Doctors apt which is Aug 1st

We established names in Hawaii actually, back in March when the idea of having a baby was discussed on more serious terms.

Hudson for a Boy
Sienna for a Girl


July 4th 2011
1 month - nothing but a bloated belly

Hudsons or Siennas nursery in the making

After this little photo shoot we took a trip to Payson :)


July 8th, 2011

5 weeks today and cant stop eating.

I love my appleseed :)

Chinese gender chart says BOY -
 apparently some people swear by this thing.


July 9th 2011

Dear Baby,
You are the size of an appleseed and I love you already. I am dying to know if you're a little Hudson or a little Sienna. Your Daddy's family thinks for sure you're a girl and refers to you by your name ( which they love). I think you're a boy and so does your Uncle Chris. I am very impatient and don't know how I'm going to make it to 5 months to find out! Every time I'm in Target I wanna buy you a cute little outfit, but I cant!(unisex things are not cute) I have always pictured myself with boy, but as long as you're healthy I will be ecstatic either way. I think we are going to do a 3D ultrasound before 20 weeks :) Many people already call you Sienna or Hudson, its pretty funny actually. I'm looking forward to hearing your heartbeat for the first time in a couple of weeks, your daddy is coming to the apt with me so he can hear too, we are so very excited that we were blessed with you.  Keep growing nice and healthy in there for us.


NY plates in my AZ drive-way...

My good friend Steve stopped by AZ on his voyage across the country
It took him 13 days to get here from NY - making random stops along the way.


My first ever baseball game!