Tuesday, July 23, 2013


If you're a frequent visitor of my blog,
 you may have noticed a lack of posts lately

If I were to be completely honest, I would tell you that I've gone through blogging "phases"-- from addicted to unmotivated to hating it...lately the last part.

You see...there is this ugly thing called judgment and its all around us, more so in the social media world.  Any which way you say something can somehow be interpreted to look like something else...a picture can tell 100 different stories depending on who is seeing it. 

If you talk about the happy things in your life...you're a  fake and phony
if you talk about the bad...you're a complainer and drama queen 

if you're a stay at home mom...you must be lazy
if you sent your kid to daycare...you must not give a crap about your kid if you're ok with  strangers raising it

If you post a picture of your kids accomplishments... you're shoving it in someones face
if you don't...your kid must be behind on his/her milestones

not to mention if you post a picture of your kid in the carseat for he/she may not be strapped in PERFECTLY, be ready for someone to pin point your parenting screw up.

Seems like these days you have to use by the ways and don't judge me phrases anytime you post something thats on your heart because no matter how you say things people out there will to bite into you no matter what.  How sad is that? that we have to explain ourselves to the world...cant a photo just be a photo? cant we just be happy for someones good fortunes and sympathetic for their misfortunes? 

Do you know that I've gotten grief over cloth diapering? How ridiculous is that, you don't like it...don't do it. Whats it to you what my kid poops into?  All the time spent worrying about what others around you are doing...if it doesn't affect you personally who cares? 

I refuse to feel like I have to filter what I post not knowing who is out there looking at my life with a magnifying glass, because at the end of the day the only person I need to please is me


  1. There will always be people who don't agree with something you do, but you are a GREAT mother and you know that. It's nothing you should ever have to prove to anyone. Glad your back!!

  2. Its sad as adults people still act like children. While I dont know you other than from social media and blogging, You are a wonderful mother and little Sienna is a lucky little girl.

    I agree w. ^^^ someone will ALWAYS pass judgement no matter what

  3. I think more than anything you are an inspiration...I truly mean that. When I started reading your blog, looking at your pictures, I thought to myself "is there anything that's not perfect in her life?" And now, I feel like I almost know you, I admire you and in a way you help me to be a better me :-) So, please try not to pay attention to all the negatives you hear from others, there are more people like me , people who are inspired :)

  4. As the saying goes, haters gonna hate. YOu have a beautiful family and this is your space to share what you want, when you want, how you want. Sadly, passed judgements from others will likely never completely fade and we just have to choose to rise above it. But it's hard. Like the previous poster mentioned, I'd like to believe there are more of us inspired by you and that enjoy the content of your blog than those that wanna judge :)


  5. I LOVE THIS! I can't tell you how this hits home to me. I end up second guessing more than half the things I post because people are so mean and rude. It's nice to hear someone else having the same struggle and seeing your inspiration to move forward really helped me. I needed this post. Thanks!!

  6. So well said girl, and I am so glad that you are choosing to ignore these silly people. Your favourite readers keep coming back for me with only positive feedback because we love your blog posts x

  7. Do what you feel in your heart to be right-
    for you'll be criticized anyway
    -Eleanor Roosevelt
    my new motto...and unfortunately so true :(

  8. You have inspired me in so many ways ever since I have been following you on your journey of life. I want you to know that people who usually judge are either jealous or can't do it right themselves. You are an amazing Mother and I look up to you in some ways. In my opinion, only one who can judge anyone is God himself so for those who are hating, just send blessings their way! Because the best way to make them more unhappy is showing them love for it says to love your enemies. Stay strong and continue on. PS cloth diapering ?!?!? That goes to show how much you care about the environment hope to see more blogging :) your superwoman !!!

  9. Everyone's a critic. When people criticise, I say 'I hope you're the perfect parent then' to which of course they never reply. If there was one right way of doing things it would be boring. Parenting should be what's best for your child and your situation.
    I'm so proud of you, you're a total inspiration and a wonderful person to know. Don't let haters get you down. Jealousy is the sincerest form of flattery ;)

  10. just remember its for Sienna no one else! don't spoil something so great because there are haters out there in this world :) stay strong you are an amazing mom! :D


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.