Wednesday, November 14, 2012

8 months


how is it that you're 8 months old already? wasn't I just writing your birth story what seems like yesterday? crazy I tell ya.  You are such a busy body these days! and just when I think you have mastered something you completely astound your Daddy and I with something new you haven't done before.

Your new thing this month is pointing - I just wanna kiss that little finger all day all long! thank goodness you think its funny when I do. We ask you where Mama, Dada or Charlie is and you point to us.  SO SMART! You also started saying "mama" this past Sunday, this makes me so happy :)

Your list of words: Dada, Cha (Charlie), Mama, papa (bye bye in Polish) you also wave bye bye and point
pretty  impressive list for such a little babe!

No real "crawling "yet but it looks like it could be anyday...for now you scoot that little tushie wherever you want to go, you love to stand and can pull yourself up. You also love to "dance" I have to catch it on video one of these days, when any of your toys play music you rock back and forth..its so funny.

your favorite toys are not toys but random things you get a hold of....remote, tupperware , paper and all time favorite... do love your little books though, especially the ones with the animals that have have the fur that you try to rip out.

You are super long and super thin: don't ask me where you got that from...certainly not from me
28.5" long (90th percentile) and only 14lbs ( at 7 months) you need to be a better eater girlfriend.

Things you eat: I try to make you your food as much as I can but I am not able to do it for all...I make you gluten free baby pancakes, soft boiled organic pasture eggs ( just the yolk), fruit & veggie purees with coconut oil, we introduced liver this month....I know it sounds kinda gross, but its soo very good for you and you LOVED it.

Your sleeping habits at night are the worst - I feel like I need to seek some professional help sometimes from a doctor or I don't know...a baby whisperer ? just kidding...but my goodness child, why wont you stay asleep for more than 3 hours?? and what do you have against your crib?

I know we may be a little bias but we think you are the most gorgeous, happiest and smartest baby we have ever known :) 

Disclaimer: without a doubt this was the most difficult "monthly photoshoot" on the planet, you don't sit still...I was so desperate I put you in a laundry to keep you contained.


Thanks for keeping us on our toes & reminding us everyday how blessed & lucky we are!


  1. Her eyes are crazy pretty! Love her little leggings

  2. Happy 8 months precious girl, you are too sweet!
    I'm so sorry she isn't sleeping well Jo, surely there is something you can do?? Our little SJ sleeps from 7pm - 7am every night - trust me, it is absolute bliss and the quicker you can, the better.

    Maybe we can chat and see what we do differently?? I would love to help, every home deserves her sleep at this age!

  3. Wow, firstly she is such a clever girl to be pointing and saying all of those things already!! That is amazing!

    And my goodness, she really is such a beauty!!! :)

  4. Her little dimple is the cutest thing!

    I'm not a parent, so I am definitely not able to give sleeping advice... but I have heard really good things about Moms on Call sleep schedule!

  5. Can't handle the cute factor. Those leg warmers!? Adorable.

  6. Happy 8 months Sienna! The washing basket worked a treat, that first photo is gorgeous! I feel for you on the sleep - my son was also like that at 8 months, still waking 5-10 times a night. It's tough, but it does (eventually) get better - at 15 months he is finally sleeping 12 hour stretches. In Australia there is this (wonderful) thing called sleep school - basically where you go with bub for a few days/nights, usually run by a hospital, and sleep experts provide support in getting your baby to sleep and give you tips on how to cope. I don't know if that type of thing exists where you live? Sleep deprivation is not fun :(

  7. She sounds like so much fun!! She's adorable

  8. I'm so jealous that your daughter is already learning Polish.
    I took 6 years worth of Spanish and I'm mexican and can only remember a few phrases plus I can name all food at the grocery store hahaha

  9. Hello!!! I'm so glad you found my blog! Have you heard of CHANGED our life with sleeping!! Addie Mae sleeps 11 hours at night! You should give it a try!! xoxo


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