Friday, July 26, 2013

In the clouds

Some of you have asked how Sienna did on the plane on our trip to NY.
She actually did great! partially because of a sweet little girl who sat behind us and was quite the entertainer for her. We also tried to time the flight with her nap time to ensure she would be exhausted and sleep the whole way...which she did.

Danny slept most of the time - (the guy can sleep through a tornado)  meanwhile I was as stuck in one position avoiding any movement so Sienna who slept so sweetly on my lap wouldn't wake. My only form of entertainment for the 4 hours was looking out the window....

There is something about being high up in the clouds and looking down at all the little houses and cars along the highways that gives me a whole new perspective on life. Every time I fly it never fails to kind of cleanse me of the filth that is down on the ground below. The stresses of life, the day-to-day, hopes, dreams, fears. It makes me think clearly

Perhaps it helps me see the "bigger picture" from way above

(Sorry for how morbid this post is about to get)

As I was looking at my husband & baby sleeping ever so peacefully...I began thinking about my biggest fear in fact.

Before I was a mother & a wife I was never afraid of death, it wasn't something I thought about or talked about.

But then I became a mother and death takes on a whole new meeting, it would mean that I would leave my daughter motherless and my husband to raise our daughter alone. It petrifies me down to my core and I know its something thats inevitable...and I know only God knows the hour but I trust in him to live to see my grandchildren.



next flight I'm bringing entertainment,  
instead of letting my thoughts run wild :)


  1. Her giggle is adorable! We are flying this fall for the first time with our daughter, she will be about 16 months and I'm nervous for how she'll do!

    1. aw she'll do great! Sienna is 16 months too...bring snacks, stickers, new toys she hasnt seen before and have an outfit change handy. One thing that kept sienna busy for a bit was a slinky haha Good luck!

  2. I am constantly aware that at any moment that I could be taken from Aubrey and Micah. My dad passed away leaving my mom at age 47 with three kids, 18, 15 and 9. It's horrible that I am constantly thinking of what happens if, but I truly think that it allows me to live my life the best of my ability and never take things for granted. Cherish every moment!

  3. I've just finished a blog post exactly like this! The older I get, and the more I fly, the more I realise what a risk it is. I get worse and worse every year, thankful everytime we land on the runway and disembark from the tin can that just carried us through 35,000 feet of cloud!


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.