Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The random thoughts post

I currently have 2 sleeping children, dinner made, house semi picked up and a few minutes to myself...boy does it feel nice.

I have so many posts in my drafts that I want to finish and post (including Emilia's birth story) can't there be more hours in the day?

We have hit a rough patch with Emilia in pretty much every aspect...sleeping, eating, overall behavior (I'll post more about it another time) but we have taken her to the chiropractor and turns out the poor babe has been in pain. Her neck and upper back got pretty beat up during her extremely long and traumatic birth. 

Sienna is so excited for Halloween, its all she talks about....Friday cant come soon enough. Yesterday she picks up her costume and says "thank you for my costume mommy, its so cool"

I'm so thankful for good friends & neighbors, the other day I mentioned to my neighbor that I need to get working on Siennas costume but don't know where to even begin as its just a pile of fabric....the next day, she's at my door with her sewing machine in hand....2 hours later....Sienna's mermaid costume is done.

My niece turned 5 last week! and it reminded me I need to savor every second with my girls...because it really does fly by. We made her a cake, Sienna was sure to let everyone know SHE made the cake all by herself ;) she loves her big cousin!


I'm always amazed when I meet women shorter than me, at 4'11 its quite rare that I get to look down not up when speaking to someone other than a child. Who knew? ;) 

I have started Christmas shopping this week, I refuse to go when everyone goes & deal with lines...crowds and just pure maddmadnes soo I have been slowing getting it done now. Sienna requested that Santa brings her a doll that "eats and poops" I should just hand her Emilia, thats pretty much all she does these days.

The show "Lost" blows all shows out of the water in my opinion (yeah I know I'm about 10 years late watching it) but we started just last month and are at the last season already...its a good thing I didnt watch when it was new and on TV because I wouldnt be able to handle waiting a week to see what happens next after each episode ends...Thanks to netflix we don't have to and some nights watch till we cant keep our eyes open anymore.

Speaking of 'eyes open' .....

Emilia starts her day before the birds even start chirping...thank goodness for coffee. 


  1. oh-my-goodness. That costume is awesome! Yay for good neighbors!

  2. I have a number of draft posts I need to try to finish too. Definitely falling behind on that. Life gets in the way!

    AND....that costume!! Can I tell you how much I LOVE IT! So cute!!! I can't wait to see pictures of S in it! :)

  3. Poor kid! I hope you were able to find ways to help relieve her pain. It's great that you were able to bring her to chiropractor. If you hadn't known about it, she would still be in distress by now. With your help, little Emilia could be the happy little kid that would be loved by everyone. Take care!

    Tyrone Bryant @ McIver Chiropractic Center


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.