Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Day of 2015

The beauty of living where we do in AZ is getting to choose when you want to go see snow, and not have to deal with living in frigid winters. So when we heard Payson { hour and a half} north of us got 10" we knew we had to take a little trip and enjoy it for a day. I think we kicked off 2015 on a very happy note :)

Hope you alll have a happy, healthy New year!!


  1. I loved every single photo.. I think the best part is knowing that most of the time you can have amazing weather without snow but every once in a blue moon when you truly want it all you gotta do is drive a small amount & get it for a short time being able to go back home without it :)

  2. With the beautiful blue sky and pure white snow it almost looks like it's a fake background , lol ,, love it 😘

  3. Such cute photos! I miss the snow!

  4. Your snowy photo's look like a dream. Such a cute family xo


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.