Monday, September 14, 2015

Emilia Jo: 12 months old

My Dear Emmie,
     365 Days of joy & chaos and I wouldn't have it any other way. You're such a sweet thing (as long as you're with me) you say "hi" to everyone you see but you're weary if they get too close. It's been so fun watching you and your big sis interact, you love her fiercely. So much that you run to her bedroom door when you wake up (around 6AM) and bang on her door to wake her. You still do not sleep through the night and I hope that glorious day when you do is coming soon. Even when you were in my belly I already caught a glimpse of your personality and I would say to your daddy "this baby is non stop" and its still true now, you really are nonstop. Not sleeping very much and not sitting still for even a second...There is no such thing as mellow time with you. You spend your 1st Birthday in NY, we took you to the beach which you sand was to touch your hands or feet. Everyone says you look like your sister or "Exactly" like your mama which is funny because I think you look just like your daddy. You definitely have yourself a little temper cry and throw yourself back when you're told "no" I call you my wild one because this is all new to me.

You've taught me a lot about being a mother, tested my limits and proved that every child is different. You are your own person that is for sure!


Your Mama

Things I want to remember:
   You clearly say: hi, yeah, ball, toodie (hamsters name), mama & dada, Nena, dobre (good in Polish), baba (bottle) 
   You took your first steps in NY at Babcia & Dzadzias house a few days before your birthday
   Full on walking.... 8/10/15 
   Your favorite foods are....avocados, eggs, broccoli, blueberries, pickles & sauerkraut
   Stats: 29" tall & 18.7 lbs 

NY - July 29th, 2015

mamas girl

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