Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It all started with a very corny myspace message...

Six years ago when Myspace still existed & was the cool thing, for high school kids like myself... I found this terribly cheesy message in my inbox...almost went to delete it as it was just another  repetitive awful pick up line.
 ( sorry babe)

This is now in a scrapbook & still in my inbox on that silly site

For whatever reason...either out of boredom or just a 'what the heck'  I proceeded to click on this persons page definitely thinking to myself "lets see who this creep is" and saw this in his collection of profile pictures....

yep, this picture did the trick.
 I thought he was the most handsome thing I've ever seen
 ( I still do)..So I quickly responded and gave him my AIM screenname
our first conversation went like this...

The corniness of this conversation & ridiculousness of our screen names cracks me up every time I read this.

we were both 18 and in that first conversation realized we shared the same birthday so we decided to meet, as we thought it was a 'sign' that we should

Turns out, my best friend at the time Danielle, knew Danny from a summer camp they attended together & the two of them hung out when they were about 13 years old. Im sure she had talked about him to me when we were in Middle school, never could have predicted she was talking about my future husband, but just another boy she met & liked.

I worked at a restaurant 5 minutes from my house called "Friendlys" where I got Danielle a job as a hostess, this was the perfect place for us to meet...Danielle being the ice breaker. That day before my shift I remember putting in extra effort in trying to look spiffy, I was unable to focus on being a waitress at all...I kept staring at the hostess stand/door to see if hes come in yet.

As soon as he came in, we made immediate eye contact and gave eachother a smile from a distance...I'll never forget that moment, I remember exactly where I was standing when I first saw him...So after that, Danielle sat him in my section...table number 57...(yep I still remember that).

At that point I was so nervous I may have dropped my other tables food....Danny ordered a coke and orange sherbet with sprinkles on it ( still remember that too). After I somehow caught up with my other tables I had time to sit and chat with him and we made lunch plans for the next day at Panera bread.

Danielle snapped our first picture, she said I'd thank her later
so glad she did...& I cant thank her enough now.
don't the smiles on our faces say it all?

After our first date at Panera, we were inseparable ever since.
He kissed me in the parking lot ( yep we kissed on the first date)
but that sealed the deal, we knew it was the start of something real

So there you have it, from Friendly's table 57 to my husband 6 years later.
pretty crazy how fate works its wonders.

Speaking of fate.....
I realized that our first vacation was to Arizona
Aug 2006

Maybe it was foreshadowing & we didn't even know it yet.

I hope when Sienna is older, we can take her to Friendly's...sit in table 57 & tell her this story over some orange sherbet with sprinkles :)

Danielle's speech at my Baby Shower 


  1. This blog post is so freaking cute Joanna. Wishing you guys the best :)

  2. I can already imagine little Sienna having orange sorbet at Friendlys and falling in love with her parents love story that could not sound more magical..~ guys are amazing <3


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