Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I have been one busy bee lately

furnishing a 2 story house is no picnic, its coming along...slowly but surely.
Our blinds are ready and will be installed tomorrow- woohoo no more temporary paper ones!
Agreeing on paint colors for the spare bedrooms was a toughie. We went though several samples and still aren't sure about the color of our " unconceived baby's" room - yes we like to be prepared considering we both have baby fever lately
names are picked too.
The office we did a grayish-blue which we LOVE. The baby's room we want a brownish- beige so it matches pink or blue stuff, but its hard finding the right shade. I don't want it too dark or too light, easier said then found.
10000 diff shades of grayish-blue made it that much harder to pick

ps - paintors tape sucks and is practically useless on textured walls

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