Monday, August 1, 2011

8 weeks

Dear Gummy Bear,

        Your Daddy & I got to see you for the first time today! It was such a big day for us both. You are 1 inch long, about the size of a green olive and you were already wiggling around for us to see - Thank you for that. You made our day, we cannot stop talking about how adorable it is that you already have arms and legs! Daddy said you look like a Gummy that is your current nickname. I must have looked at your sonogram pictures a gazillion times and manage to smile each and every time. Daddy made a video, so we keep watching your little wiggle that you did for us and your heartbeat that for now looks like a little flickering dot. We bought a new computer, with a lot of much needed memory space,  because with your picture crazy momma you will have more photos than you can imagine, I hope you're a good sport about it :) We are already madly in love with you and keep wondering if youre a little boy or a little girl. Either way we will be thrilled. I can't wait to shop for you, I already got you an outfit...( dont worry, its green). You are suppose to be born on Mommy & Daddys birthday, and let me tell you that would be by far the best present in the world. Cannot wait to see you again, for now on the screen and of course the day we see you in real life will be the best day ever.


                                                    Here is your first picutre,
prepare yourself because you will have millions more
and yes, its the lock screen on my phone & backround of my lap top :)

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