Friday, July 29, 2011

My mom says to me today "you better make Danny wear his wedding band everyday, cuz hes so handsome someone is gonna try to snatch him up if he doesn't"

oh moms, gotta love em.

we got our wedding bands the other day,  he has his home already mine isnt ready because of sizing..but hes never worn any jewlery before so hes been 'practice' wearing it...such a dork :) luckily his exact words were " I cant wait to wear it everyday" Phew!


Took my cutie pie niece to the Childrens Museum the car she was singing "old mcdonald had an aligator" and " hands, shoulders, kneees and butt" shes such a riot, who sure can wear you out...I am exhausted now.

So its Friday night, and my plans are cleaning the house...scrubbing 3 bathrooms. Sounds exciting eh? yep, home ownership has its perks.

Thank goodness the weekend is here and I get to spend some time with my babe, think we're gonna do some yardwork...not exactly very exciting plans but its gotta get done. I sorta hope the weekend goes by fast beacuse I am looking forward to Monday!! :) if some of you guys dont know why yet, you'll find out soon enough.

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