Monday, April 29, 2013

a day in the life

A little run down of what our days look like :)

Typically our day begins between 6:30-7. Sometimes shes a total doll and will sleep till 8, but not too often. I wake up to her babbling away in her crib...I go to get her & smoother that smiling face with kisses. Then change her diaper & play till she starts asking for breakfast, if I give it to her before she asks she most likely will not even touch it.

Her typical breakfast looks something like this...avocado is always a must. Sometimes I get to quickly eat something myself when she eats, but when shes done eating she won't sit in the high chair for even 5 minutes unless I play her a video.

Usually miss bed head gets messy during breakfast so we do bath time in the morning, she seems to prefer it early instead of before bed when shes tired and uninterested in splashing around.

She loves bathtime with her baby, she takes the washcloth & washes her, hugs & kisses. After the bath she gets dressed & plays while I get dressed out of my pjs. She gets a bottle and goes down for a nap.

While she naps, I clean up after breakfast & clean up in if I haven't eaten yet and start preparing lunch. This is also when I blog :) depending how long the naps is.

She usually wakes up starvingggggg so we go right downstairs to get her fed. Like her mama, she loves I usually whip one up while she naps and have it ready for her when she wakes up...of course, avocado is a must again.

After lunch we play outside while we still can. She waters our veggie garden and runs around chasing bubbles or our neighbors cat who visits makes her day when he comes!

Highlight of our day: Daddy coming home
.she runs to him & gives him hugs!

After Daddy changes & settles in...him & Sienna goof off a bit & we always go for a family walk to the mail box and park. This is the highlight of Charlies day...we let him loose in the park while Sienna plays.

After the of us or both make dinner while Sienna plays or watches a video in her high chair. Shes usually getting into the pantry or dishwasher ha..who needs toys? What time she goes down for the night depends on whether or not Sienna had 2 naps or 1. After we eat, she plays a bit...we read books & Daddy puts her down for the night and we do it all over again the next day!

Thats pretty much how it goes :)


  1. Did you have any trouble transitioning her from your bed to her own crib? any tips you can give me. I have a 14 month old that's still co sleeping with us. still nursing too! trying to ween her off and get her into her own crib has been a nightmare. still not sleeping through the night either and i think it has a lot to do with the fact that she's still nursing. she never took a bottle so trying to give her a bottle instead of the boob is a no go. i'd hate to have to resort to CIO but at this point i think i'm going to have to do it :-/

    1. I think because shes still nursing it will be much harder as out of habit she will probably wake up wanting it. With Sienna we had to stop co-sleeping because it was becoming dangerous as she would get up and start jumping on the bed and trying to walk off...scary! we had no choice, whether or not she like it she was going in the crib. What helped was moving the crib to her room so she wouldnt hear our bed creak and wake from that. I wish I had better advice for you but I dont :/

  2. what are the benefits of the avocado?


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.