Monday, April 1, 2013

a little different Easter...

I'm not a super religious person, 
but I do want Sienna to grow up knowing Easter is about God not gifts & bunnies.

So instead of going to the mall to take a picture with a creepy bunny, we went to church with a basket of food to get it blessed...a tradition I grew up with and one that has been around for centuries. On Easter morning, we ate our blessed hard boiled eggs, bread & ham. 

Sienna was good in church, surprisingly. She ran up to a family with 2 girls and played with them the whole time, the girl sure isn't shy.


That little vintage looking sheep in the looks like nothing to you...but it means so much to me. I took it from my childhood home in Poland, it was used in every Easter basket in my family since before I even existed. My mom confirmed that it was atleast 30 years old. So glad I got to have it and pass it on to Sienna so she can one day put it in her Easter basket

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!


  1. Awe I love this post!!! I love love love the tradition of having easter baskets blessed at church! We do it every year. Such a cute little lamb and what a lovely little keepsake from your mother. Is that a statue of JP II in Poland??? I think it was the same one I stood in front of when I visited Poland last year.

  2. yep it is! good eye! This was in a Polish church in Phoenix :)

  3. Love her in her Easter dress!!! I love the little sheep! We have an Easter basket that my mom bought for my sister over 30 years ago and I can't wait for our kids to use it now!

  4. Oh my gosh, she's precious in her Easter dress! Love it!

  5. aww that last picture from last year, so precious :)

  6. What a wonderful tradition - getting a basket of food blessed. I have not heard of it but love it. Your little girl is adorable too :) (As if you didn't know!)


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