Monday, May 20, 2013

Sienna's strange phobia

we have no idea why
 but shes scared of this glow worm...
particularly when it plays music, totally ok with it when its not.

and again...

needless to say, the "scary" glow worm is now is out of our house and longer taunting little Miss Sienna, we gave it to the neighbors baby girl....but I can't help but wonder where this little phobia came from?


  1. haha awww this is funny but sad!! she is so cute

  2. That is too funny, poor little honey. In Sienna's defense, it is a strange looking glow worm. My little one is terrified of my Jeep alarm. When she hears me arm the vehicle she runs in terror, lol. We all have our little quirks I guess, ha. ;)

  3. Shame Jo, I know this feeling all too well. We took our little girl on a weekend away to a berg cottage and she had a fear of all the Moroccan decor - we eventually had to put a blanket over her cot so she couldn't see any of it otherwise she would just moan and cry... So strange x

  4. This always fascinates me. When I was a kid, I distinctly remember three cocktail sticks next to each other and one was a little shorter, and it made me so upset! I can remember everytime I thought about it, I would cry. God knows why!

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  6. My niece is terrified of that exact seashores. So my sister in law gave it to my daughter. She's 2 months and loves it but she loves music. We will see when she's older.


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