Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer bucket list 2013

While all of you non Arizonians are super excited for summer, 
we are actually kind of dreading it.

The weather here is amazing for the majority of the year but come June, July, August and we are in the triple digits everyday. Not exactly ideal playground weather as you can probably fry an egg on the plastic slide.

Now- don't get me wrong I love living here and one of the reasons why we moved here was for the 9 months of perfect temperatures....but I won't lie, summers are tough and I'm sure it will be even harder with a toddler that will not be able to play outside as much. 

So here are some things we plan on doing to keep little S busy with this summer

1.  Story time at the library
2. Kiddie Splash pads at the mall
3. Childrens museum
4. Swim lessons
5. Peach picking at the farm
6. Make our own ice cream & froyo
7. watertable in the backyard
8. Playdates
9. crafts
10. early morning or evening trips to the park

anyone else have any suggestions? 
I'd love to hear them


  1. You're so so lucky. At least the hot summer sun keeps you smiling - vitamin D and all that - we just have rain rain rain here. It's awful. Swap? :)
    Love all the ideas. Kiddy crafts are great. x

  2. maybe a little water pad splash bash in your backyard if you have like a little slide, we use to run the hose water down it and like a tarp with soap you can slide across it - always a blast! :D

  3. I hope this isn't to personal to ask, but my husband and I have really been considering moving to Arizona after his enlistment is up. What's the housing market range usually around there for a nice sized house? and What is the temperture like the other 9 months of the year lol. As for things to keep Sienna busy, Get a sprinkler for outside so she can run around and stay cool at the same time, we loved those when we were little! good luck!

    1. hi! not personal at all. As of recently homes went up quite a bit but you can get a 4 bedroom home for about 200k in great area. Cost of living here is very affordable as well. Temperatures in the Fall & winter months range from the mid 60s to low 80s - pefect in my opinion :) as long as you can bare the summer


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.