Saturday, September 28, 2013

Apple picking!

A month ago if you told me there was apple picking in Arizona I would have looked at you like you were crazy. Apples in the desert? no way.

Every  Fall since hubs & I met, we would go apple picking upstate was our little tradition, well maybe its every New Yorkers tradition- but anyway, I was always thinking how much I missed that here! So hubs turned to handy dandy Google & found us a place to go here in AZ! 

throwback - 2008

Sienna really enjoyed it! The girl must have eaten about 5 apples...those are gonna be some fun diapers to change tomorrow ha! 

Chowing down apples like its her job

Aviators for the win

Running through the orchards 

I bite your apple, you bite mine

"but Dadddyyyy....."


  1. Aw! You got some really sweet pictures! I can't wait to do pumpkin patch/apple picking trips this fall. Hopefully in another few weeks when it really cools down some more :)

  2. LOVE the pictures, now you can continue your tradition with Sienna :) How GREAT is that!? I can't wait to go to our pumpkin patch with Mason, last year was awesome I'm sure he'll love it more this time now that he's a year older. I have to find out if there's an apple picking area in Florida near us. Mas would LOVE that also.

  3. Love the pics sweet girl! Glad you all 3 had fun & found a place in Arizona to pick apples..


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