Thursday, November 21, 2013

Family photo fail

Last weekend we decided to be brave and attempt Family photos on our own with the help of a tripod & a remote. 

Lets just say that we'll be needing a redo....

Oh life with a toddler, this was so much easier last year when she wasn't mobile yet and gave us her best smile without much effort...but atleast I got some entertainment out of how ridiculous these came out :)

This had the potential of being a cute photo and though its not Christmas card worthy, I'm kinda glad to have her personality captured.


  1. Hehe, these pictures are great! I must warn you though... even with a professional photographer, it's tough to get the perfect picture with a toddler. I just posted our family photos and out of 86 pictures, there were only about 10 that looked Christmas card worthy. Thankfully, the outtakes make for some pretty great memories.

    Sienna's little outfits are adorable. :)

  2. thank you! yours came out so so good!

  3. That last picture? DYING! She is soooo cute :)


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