Friday, November 22, 2013

Frosted Frenzy cupcakes

Sweets are my ultimate weakness, particularly cupcakes....they're almost like a universal symbol for celebration & happiness.

cupcakes. they are my thing.

Frosted Frenzy is a home based company started by two friends who simply enjoyed baking, using only the highest quality ingredients the cupcakes quickly became a frenzy! After sampling some last week, I'm not the least bit surprised! These were to die for.

They have quite a range of flavors to make your sweet tooth happy. From Rocky Road to Almond Joy, there is something for just about anything you may be in the mood for.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the frosting to cake ratio, thats the big make it or break it deal for me, I mean... I love frosting with my cupcake not a cupcake with my frosting. These had the perfect amount!

Chocolate caramel toffee crunch - this had to be my favorite one! 
The frosting was the perfect combination rich & creamy and ahh best part was the caramel filling inside which took me by surprise, a very yummy surprise indeed :)

and who wouldn't love a pumpkin cupcake in the Fall?
This was another favorite, it was simple & delicious! Fluffy pumpkin cake with the perfect amount of sweet cream cheese bet I ate every last crumb! You will too once you get a taste of these, I promise!

Frosted Frenzy also does custom cakes for parties, events, weddings and will match any theme you wish. I know where I'll be going when planning Sienna's next party!


  1. Oooh It's a good thing I'm not pregnant right now! I'd fly my bump over there to get my hands on these! Cupcakes were my #1 craving and wouldn't you know it, this dumb little town doesn't have ONE bakery or shop that has cupcakes (besides walmart. gross!)
    These sound divine!!

  2. It's Monday morning and all I want is a cupcake! haha YUM!!


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