Wednesday, January 8, 2014

home sweet home

One of the best parts about vacation is getting a chance to have a break from "the everyday" but I find it just as refreshing to return home back to normal life. We are slowing getting back into the swing of things after two and half long weeks away. Nothing better than floating off to sleep in your own bed after some time away.

Mostly, I'm just thankful to be done with planes and airports for a while. We had such a horrible experience coming back mostly due to the snow, and to think I begged for it to snow while we were there.

So our flight was scheduled for early morning Saturday, which meant we had to be up and out the door at 5AM. We checked the flight status before bed and it was on time....later in the night they posted a 5 hour delay, luckily my sister checked for us so we didn't have to wake up so darn early. We got to the airport and it was pure and utter chaos....everyone honking, swarms of people...lines and just madness. After a deep breath I got Sienna in the carrier and we attempted to find a line to check in...everyone was cutting & pushing through. So we said screw it, we cut too...not that it helped it still took 3.5 hours.

The plane got even more delayed because its tires were stuck in the snow so they had to dig it up...then they changed the gates on us, which meant we had to gather our belongings and take a bus across the airport to a new gate. 

We finally got on the plane, boarding first along with the other families with children....before we even sat down a child 3 rows behind us threw up. Awesome, just what I wanted to smell the whole flight. 

We sat at the gate for two hours without anyone informing us why we werent taking off, finally the pilot got on the loudspeaker and informed us that since we had to remain on the plane for so long their allowed time by law was up and they needed to find new pilots. Well great, not like there are pilots just waiting to get switched out. So we waited another 2 hours for new pilots. We gave Sienna all things we had for entertainment and the flight hasnt even taken off....I was ready to cry. Well I actually did.

We finally pull away from the gate and the plane is sliding everywhere....they get a truck to pull us on to the runway which was clear of snow thankfully....but wait, it doesnt end we are getting pulled we hear screaming and cursing several rows behind us....a very annoyed & apparently starving passenger was giving the flight attendant a piece of his mind asking to be let out of the plane....other passengers  started yelling at him asking him to "shut up" so we can finally "get the F out of here" I thought a big brawl was about to break out. He shut up and we finally took off

Our total time on the plane was 9 hours with a toddler who doesn't like to nap anywhere but her crib or carseat & no other food than snacks. Can you say nightmare??? 



  1. Wow that is awful!! I would've been beside myself!

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  3. Oh my God !! Well this how travels during the holidays


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