Monday, February 17, 2014

Its not always rainbows & unicorns around here...

We had a lovely long weekend.
Err, mostly lovely.
Sunday I would not have qualified as lovely.
Rather, it was anything but.

Someone  woke up on the wrong side of the crib in the morning and was miserable from then on.
I have yet to figure out how to handle a grumpy toddler without becoming grouch myself. I feel bad for my hubs on those days.  (sorry babe)

Point being though, its tiring putting someone else's needs before your own and while I would never go back to life before Sienna, I sometimes long for the days of simplicity of just Dan & I. Some days I cant wait for her bedtime. Selfish moments, for sure. However even those days, the frustrating moments, with a toddler that is whiny and wont nap, with saying goodbye to spontaneous plans, with anything negative you could say about life as a mama, it doesn't take long to remember why I wanted this life so badly, and why I truly love this life so much.

Motherhood is a journey. Thats one thing I've learned, it's a journey with bumps in the road, detours ahead and the occasional train wreck. Some days can't end soon enough, some days aren't long enough

It is definately not always rainbows and unicorns,

 but its real life and I think its better that way. 
It takes a  rain storm to see that rainbow folks.

 Just had to get that 'real-ness' out there, amidst the mushy gushy that can sometimes be blog-land. In fact, while we're getting all honest around here, let me just add that I'm writing this while still in my pjs, with bed head uncombed hair, and dishes in the sink. How's that for real life?



  1. Must be something in the air, waverly was grumpy yesterday too!!! It can be frustrating but your right, also so worth it!! Xo

  2. We have all been there! Giving up plans is so hard. I want to travel every weekend but due to teething, sickness and naptimes, we just can't.

  3. Oh Jo, I couldn't have said this better myself! We had a rough week last week and our little SJ was just grumpy and testing the boundaries all week - no one said parenting would be easy but it's definitely worth it!
    Have a happy week girls x

  4. His is such a real post, and I love it. I don't care what anyone says, or how hey make it look. There is no such his as a life without ups and downs. You make your own perfect,

  5. So true, been there done that! Love that picture.

  6. Ozi is having a mid-infant crisis and is king grump today. I feel you!

  7. This is so true and all of us mommys can relate to this! I always try to remember this quote on the tough days: the days are long as a parent but the years go by all too fast. Beautiful family and blog!


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