Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sienna-isms - 23 months

*Documenting some of the hilarious things our little sass has been saying lately*

While driving in the car with the windows opened, 
 "Daddy open it the other way" (meaning close it)

After pinching her finger in a buckle & crying over her boo boo,
 "can I have a new finger?" over and over again...I felt terrible laughing because she was crying as she was saying it but gosh..It wasn't bleeding, but daddy put a band-aid on it. She stops crying & looks at it happily "look  mommy I got a new finger!"

As I was making her lunch the other day, she says "can I have a snack please?" I told her no and that it was lunch time.  With an annoyed tone she responds with "I asked nicely!"

"Chawee (charlie) dont look at me I'm eating"

Everytime I change our bed sheets...
 "wow mommy got a new bed"

If you ask her what any of her stuffed animal or dolls names are, 
the answer is ALWAYS "Diane" (her grandmas name)

Sienna, can you sing a song?
 "no I'm too full"

Sienna, do you want oatmeal for breakfast today?
"no, only a chocolate cupcake" (only time she ever gets to have cupcakes is at birthday parties)


  1. She is so sweet!!! Love this age!!

  2. So funny! I write down the funny things London says in a notebook. They are hilarious at this age.

  3. Awww, she's too cute. Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog. I am now the newest follower of your lovely blog. Can't wait to read more Sienna Cuteness!!!!

  4. Love these little moments!
    They come & go way too fast :(


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.