Monday, March 10, 2014

What my toddler eats

Since day one, I've tried to be strict with what Sienna eats...we didn't even introduce solids till after 6 months. But of course there are moments {especially now that mama has been pregnant} that I let her have a bite of my chocolate, cookie or whatever 'not so healthy' thing I'm shoving my face into. Why? because I believe in not letting this whole organic thing get to my head and drive me crazy...because I believe that kids should be kids....because realistically, I realize I can't keep her away from certain things for ever. I can restrict them, sure. But there is no such thing as forever.

With that said, there are certain things I am quite particular.
 Like milk...we only drink raw.

Sienna is SUPER picky, she eats a lot of the same stuff over and over again.

For breakfast: its always either a soft scrambled egg, banana, toast with butter, oatmeal, fruit, yogurt and the occasional pancakes on the weekend. For a while I've been pretty anti cereals because of how processed they are, almost always GMO and how much sugar they usually have. Lets face it, the ones that are a healthier option taste like cardboard.  Recently we discovered one that I feel good giving her and one she actually like...the cute animals on the box help. She asks for "the panda bear cereal" 

For lunch: I'm a big soup lover, so I always try out new ones or stick to old favorites...Sienna enjoys them and its one of the only way I can get her to eat veggies. I could totally eat nothing but soups everyday for the rest of my life, my husband on the other hand doesnt consider soup a when I make a pot for lunch I still have to make something else for dinner. She loves mac and cheese, what kid doesnt? I like to get the aunt annies brand. She'll also eat almond or sunflower seed butter & jelly sandwiches, sometimes she'll lick it off and leave the bread...depends on her mood. Also, hummus & pita bread

For dinner: I find dinner to be the hardest, She doesn't really want to try new when I make some sort of lets say...stew, meat & potato or pasta dish she wont even try. I know they say you're not suppose to make them something separate and they should eat what you eat...but I still do, whatever it takes to get this girl to eat. Usually she'll have soup again that I've made for lunch, homemade chicken nuggets ( I make big batches and freeze them) I've always said my kid will never eat hot dogs....well, she does and they're our saving grace when she doesn't want anything else. These are the only ones we get.


Snacks: the girl loves fruit, kiwis, apples, grapes, frozen wild blueberries (messiest snack ever), pineapple. Smoothies (I sneak veggies into them), cheddar crackers, fruit gummies.

Drinks: probably the only kid whose favorite drink is kombucha, we started making our own or we'd be broke, lots of water, and of course milk.

she has her good days and bad days with eating, as with anything else..but I'm learning to be calmer about it and not freak out like I used when she skips a meal...or doesn't have something organic.


  1. We love soup too ... And my little lady us super picky! I'm trying to get her into other things but I'm like you, whatever works, I'm going with! :)

  2. I would LOVE to see a post about how you make your Kombucha!

  3. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing my friend. SJ has some fussy moments but on the whole, she eats quite well. She prefers feeding herself and having her meals separated (protein, starch and veg) and she loves a good snack! We have also been blessed to keep her on water and milk alone x


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.