Saturday, March 8, 2014

dogs and babies dont mix

Atleast mine don't

the whole thing is just frustrating to say the least. 
Now I won't even sit here and try to vocalize how much that dog meant to me before Sienna came along....and don't get me wrong I love the little stinky-breathed little guy. I've had him since I was 16, just lately hes making us want to rip out hair out.

He's like taking care of 2 additional children, no joke. 

Let me give you some recent scenarios:

1. we made burgers for dinner, nice grass fed pricey beef mind you. 
Sienna is having hers and sets it on her little table to take a drink....Charlie whos been watching her eat as per usual, hoping for her to drop it....snatches it not even a split second later. The result of this scenario: hysterical toddler who is a picky eater & was actually eating for a change, dog whos gonna have diarrhea later (probably all over the house), and no extra burger to give her. Wouldn't that make you wanna rip your hair out no matter how much you love your dog?

2. peeing on everything, this is my biggest annoyance yet. We have gone through THREE rugs in our dining room in the 2.5 years we've lived in our home. For whatever reason, he made that area of our home his bathroom. Underneath the table to be exact...just what we want to smell when we eat meals right? Now - he gets a walk every day, and has access to the backyard all day reason why he needs to pee anywhere else. Why does he? I'm pretty certain its because hes being spiteful, whenever we go somewhere he always wants to come...cute right? yeah no. Obviously we cant take him everwhere we go, so to show us hes mad he goes and urinates on the rug. The stains & the smell never come out. Believe me we've tried it all...hence why we are on our 3rd rug.

3. hair hair everywhere, not sure why this didn't bother me before. Maybe because with having a child now...I have enough cleaning up to do everyday as it is. Nothing is worse than finding his hair in our food.

4. He bit Sienna, to his defense she messed with him as he was eating but still...I was infuriated. He hasn't been very nice to her lately and vice versa. He's old and wants to be left alone, shes a toddler and wants to play. It just doesn't mesh.

At the end of the day, as frustrating as it often as Danny and I say to eachother "no more dogs after him" he still belongs to our family and I would never give him up as much as I really want to at times. Deep down I'll always have a loving spot for this animal, remembering how many times he's made me excited to come home after long work shifts or days at school.

**We have no intention of getting rid of our dog, however please don't judge those that have.**


  1. Awww, I can totally understand the frustration. But have you thought about crate training him when you leave the house to prevent the peeing? And I would have been super pissed about the burger. :-(

    1. yeah we tried to contain him in one part of the house and he yelped for hours on end, I imagine the crate would be the same if not worse. He was never crated so I think he would freak out :/ thank you for the tip though!

  2. Simple behavior training or animal classes at even the local pet store would immensely help the situation. Think about it even our children don't learn right from wrong unless we spend time training them. Children rely on potty training from us as well. Yes the hamburger incident must have felt frustrating but a simple solution to that is....when the baby is eating you gate the dog in another room with a play toy or treat. We have six kids and three dogs trust me it's about finding balance. Make sure the dog feels included in your family life, all too often families have children and overlook their pets who can and do feel the shift of attention. All three of our dogs are our childrens protectors they will not leave their sides, makes me feel good at night to know we have such guardians. Good luck sweetie, remember breathe, enlist the help of a dog trainer and if you feel overwhelmed ask family for help.

  3. I understand completely! My dog pees in the house in the oddest places sometimes... I shamefully say he spends more time in his kennel than out of it but on pretty days he usually spends them in the back yard... but now that will change because we have moved into an apartment so we will have to make adjustments until we get a new house.


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.