Thursday, August 7, 2014

Emilia - week 1

Since coming home from the hospital this weekend, things have been a little rough. My recovery has been harder this time...even though I usually hear the opposite. The pain is a rollercoaster of highs and lows depending on when I take my medication. I feel like it wasn't as bad the first time around with Sienna, but then again maybe that was just my memory doing me a favor. I didn't really feel ready to come home from the hospital on the 3rd day but I desperately wanted to be home with Sienna and relieve our friends who were staying with her, though they assured us it wasn't a problem and they would stay with her as long as we needed.

 I am really sore & still have a lot of pain where my incision was, which makes it so hard to do a lot of things, mostly picking the baby up a million times in the middle of the night, getting in and out of bed...even laughing hurts.  Thankfully Dan is able to work from home as long as I need him to. The day after we came home from the hospital, Sienna ran a fever 0f 104 which is the highest she's ever had and it scared the heck out of other symptoms, she ate fine and acted fine but fever is something I dont mess around with, especailly with a newborn in the house... so Dan took her to Urgent Care since Sat night. They couldn't really determine what was wrong, but thankfully it went away the next day.

Despite our unsuccessful breastfeeding experience with Sienna, things are going surprisingly well this time....*knock on wood* I didn't even buy bottles this time, not even letting myself think I may need them....exclusive pumping is no picnic and I don't know if I would have been able to handle doing it again.

Sienna at first acted shy when she met her baby sister, and with how much we tried to prepare her prior to her being born about being gentle....she wound up being afraid to even touch her at first which was pretty entertaining I have to say,  she would only touch her toes with maybe one finger and was so unsure about holding her.

Who does she look like? I think its too early to tell, but she did look very different from Sienna at birth. My mom says she looks like me...we'll see.

Cheers to surviving the first week!


  1. She looks like a doll, so precious!!!!! Congratulations, hope you continue to recover and quickly get back to your self!!!

  2. I think she is a doll.. At first I did not know whom she would look like but the more she has grown I think she is starting to look a whole whole lot like Sienna... Hello twins!


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