Thursday, August 21, 2014

Transitions - Emilia week 3

It’s been almost three weeks since Emilias arrival and we are all learning how to transition to being a family of four. There are so many things about the newborn stage that I have forgotten…mostly how floppy newborns are and how heart wrenching it is to hear a newborn cry when you’re driving and you can’t do anything about it...but he most difficult thing for me honestly is just when both girls need me at the same time–and newborns nurse pretty much around the clock, so that leaves very little time for me to be with Sienna one on one. She's become even more of a daddys girl ... she'll say things like this to me: 
"no mommy I don't want to you help me I want daddy to"  or "I dont want you to give me lunch, daddy will give it to me" (Id be lying if I said it didnt hurt a bit)

Em has been a mellow baby so far, she spits up constantly giving me tons of extra laundry but makes up for it sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night.

Her little legs just kill me...though I have a feeling they wont be skinny for too long-this girl nurses pretty much all dayy

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