Wednesday, September 24, 2014

3 years of wedded bliss

THREE years ago today we were saying "I Do".  

Our wedding was a pain in the butt to plan. We had to do everything by email...half of the things were screwed up on the big day, but when it came time to walk down the aisle, none of that stuff mattered to me.  Mixed up flowers, wrong color cake, ruined veil. The only important thing was I was marrying my best friend.  

To say that it has all been easy would be a tall tale, but having you by my side on this journey has been the delight of my life. I love raising babies with you, our dance offs, how you can fix anything, road-tripping with you, how you can never find anything even when its in front of your face :) Thank you for this life we share together, for your unconditional support and for being the best husband & Daddy to our girls.

I love you Mr. Leif,

-The Mrs.


  1. Happy anniversary! I just realized that we were married at the same resort and RIU messed up or cake too, wrong flowers and completely wrong cake, lol! Still it was a beautiful place and looked surprisingly like the real SF in NM. Cheers to many more happy years for you two. :)

    1. no way!! haha I didnt know that! but yes...they messed up our cake! it was tasty but didnt look like it was suppose to

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love your photos- you are a gorgeous couple together!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!! You both looked stunning!!! Here's to many many Many more years to come!!!!


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