Friday, September 19, 2014

Life lately/ Em 1 month

It’s so true what they say about time with kids.  The days feel long but the weeks and months fly by.  This feels like the longest/shortest month ever.

I’ll be honest, it’s not the newborn that’s exhausting me, it’s her very active 2.5 year old sister. I seriously look at people who work with toddlers for a living and wonder what is in their genetic makeup that I’m missing.  Toddlers (well at least my toddler) are on the go constantly. I used to have a second to breath when she took naps but once we transitioned her into a toddler bed....naps went bye-bye along with the crib. I wouldnt complain for a second if she slept in past 7:30 at least....but its almost a joke referring to 7:30 as sleeping in.

Emilia has been a good baby for the most part. She's a very light sleeper and its just really difficult to settle her down, especially at takes a lot of patience for this exhausted mama...she also has reflux, so its a non stop spit up fest around here. I must go through at least 5 shirts a day. Cutting out dairy helps, but lordy is it hard to eliminate it completely.

Sienna is handling her role as big sister much better than we anticipated, there is no jealousy at all (sigh of relief)....just sweet lovin on her baby sis all day. If Em is crying and I walk over to her to give her the paci, Sienna runs ahead of me and says "no let me do it mommy" I cant wait for Em to be old enough to love her back.

At her 1 month appt she was an ounce shy of 10 lbs
I'm not used to having a chubby baby, her rolls just make me giggle.

6 weeks old

She loves to be worn, held all day, and have her fuzzy head rubbed.  Her eyes are looking dark green. She’s been generous with her smiles this week which make my heart happy.  She might be cute and tiny, but the she grunts, groans and farts like an old man, it makes Sienna laugh and say things like  "that was nasty baby emmie" and of course giggles follow.


  1. I could've written most of this! Liam just hit 8 pounds, but I think he's having reflux, too. I just started cutting out dairy, but man is it difficult!

  2. I am expecting my second little girl. My first will be 29 months when the second is born. I am so afraid of everything you just mentioned... I am torn and not even excited for her to potty train yet. My thought is: what if she needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of this night or early in the morning before it is time to get up? Then she gets up and won't want to go back to bed? And does that mean I have to transition her to a toddler bed ---which I am totally NOT ready for. Ugh... I am so nervous about all of these changes! haha I don't think I will be sleeping much very soon. Hang in there, mama. Know that I am over here about to experience what you are experiencing now! :)

  3. Love her just like the big sis...
    She is growin so fast!
    Time slow down please ( I bet you say that alot)


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