Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life Lately, according to my Iphone

We recently moved back into our bedroom after a month in the guest room - Our bed is really high & I would have had a hard time climbing in and out with my csection that I'm completely healed its all back to normal - I really missed our bed.

I could eat this salad all day, everyday
[whole wheat pasta, grilled chicken, feta, tomatoes, basil, romaine lettuce, parsley, cardinis cesar dressing]

sweet pup of mine

Sienna's 1st trip to the mall

I'm one lucky girl

Our grapefruit trees little offspring

Hibiscous by our front door...reminder of Hawaii, most amazing place on earth.

They always hang out together, Charlie loves her.

rose bush peaking into our livingroom window

Whole foods, you're the devil

My Asian food fanatic husband makes some killer pad thai

Hanging out after dinner

Sofia had an egg hunt in our yard - that smile says it all

I don't know how to flip pictures, but here is a little family one

I couldn't wait to walk around this park with Sienna
1st time there with her

been working on Siennas memory box

this game has me laughing to myself like a crazy person

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