Thursday, June 13, 2013

Siennas 15 Month update

Happy 15 months sweet child of mine, 
so glad to have you back to your normal self again

 I have to say the last two weeks ago were probably the hardest yet with you so far. I used to think the newborn stage was hard..HAH! 

You went on an eating did not want ANYTHING, I was worried sick about! you know how I feel about doctors..and I almost took you, thats how bad it was. You wanted nothing to do with your usual favorites and went many hours between mere bites of food.. I called your grandma on the verge of tears everyday, trying to come up with something...anything...that you would eat. Then one day, you just got over it and ate normal. Strange phase that I hope to never see again.

You continue to amaze us with how smart you are!
the other day you picked up a foam "0" and said "oval!" 
you left me speechless on earth did you even know that?
You repeat just about everything we ask you to and know more words than I could even list here. You started putting together sentences your newest "a big ball" pointing to mommys exercise ball in the closet.

You are quite petite, 
according to our home scale you are 19lbs.

your current favorite thing to eat is cinnamon raisin bread with butter, but you despise the crust and freak out if I don't cut it off before I give it to you. You drink goats milk and almond milk, in a bottle...twice a day- despite what your doctor said. Breakfast is your favorite, its when you eat most so we try to make every calorie count. Dinner is your worse enemy.

You continue to sleep through the night in your room! woohoo!

you have 6 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom, we could use some more on the bottom so you can eat more stuff...get those chompers growing! 


your favorite thing to play with are books, we had a playdate a few days ago...your 2 little girlfriends were playing in the pool and you kept bringing me books to read you.

We have been working on potty training, not pushing it on you but we try to encourage it. You have your good and bad days with it...but you definitely know what " pee pees" and "poopies" is because you say it when you go, even in your diaper.

Who do you look like? I think you're a good mix and I love that. Your eyes are my shape but the color is from Daddy. Daddys nose but my lips...however, you got grandmas ears! 

You LOVE babies! my goodness...
I was talking to a fellow mama in the store, you went up to the stroller and on your tippy toes tried to catch a peak of the "beebee" 
In the Target toy aisle, its the 1st thing you run to. Such a little mama!

You also LOVE water! pool and bath time are your favorite!
 Its usually hard to get you out

Our favorite thing in the world is your laughter, we do the stupidest things just to make you laugh...we dont care whos watching, nothing brings us more joy than your giggles!

 we LOVE you!
-Mom & Dad


  1. What a sweet doll! Good for you for starting the P-Training! We're just not going for it and Anna is almost 3 :/

  2. She just gets cuter and cuter!!! She is so smart! Wow!! Also I love that flowery outfit!!

  3. Little Miss Sienna just keeps on getting more and more adorable. I love reading all your posts
    Big kiss from auntie Fabiana

  4. She is too cute!

    I love your blog!

    New follower! Follow me back too??

  5. She is so precious. Looking forward to following along!


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