Monday, June 17, 2013

Yep, thats me...

I have been asked if I'm getting excited for our upcoming trip to Hawaii, 
to be I'm not and probably won't be until that plane lands there - all I keep thinking about is the potentially nightmare-ish 5 hour flight with a highly active toddler who HATES being confined to a small space. There is only so much stuff I can bring to keep her busy. Last time we flew with her, she was only 5 months old and was totally happy nursing, sleeping and snuggling the whole flight. 

A totally different ball game this time around.

I've received great tips from other moms and I'm crossing my fingers it all goes smooth, for the sake of everyone's sanity. We have another flight coming up soon...slightly shorter, which I'm considering the "practice one" seeing how she'll do on  this one will better prepare me for the longer one to Hawaii.


  1. Good luck! We have to drive 31 hours with our toddler and 4 month old in a few weeks and I'm dreading it.

  2. Don't stress too much, mama! I've flown many...many flights between Hawaii and the mainland, both day and night flights, and there's always babies and kids, (mostly on the night flights, parents want their kids to sleep, 90% the time it works, hehe!) and I can guarantee you won't be the only parents with a child on that airplane, and if she cries, it's okay, you paid just as much as other people in the plane to go on a vacation you deserve!!! :)

  3. We are flying next week with the twinsies and I am also dreading it! Last time we flew they were not mobile yet so this should be's also a 4 1/2 hour flight...ayayay!

  4. Good luck! I was a ball of stress and anixety when we just went to Hawaii a month ago and Aubrey did great! Good luck!

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