Friday, April 18, 2014

Sienna-isms (25 months)

Sadly but truthfully, we tend to forget some of the sweet memories and phrases that spring forth from the little sunshine you bring us throughout the day. So I've been writing some here. They are sealed tight in our online time capsule, waiting for you to one day take a peak and giggle. 

You like to sit on the countertop while I make breakfast, as I was tilting a pan, melting a glob of butter said "the butter is ice skating!" 

Whenever you drop a piece of your snack outside, you don't pick it up, instead you say "its ok the birdies will eat it"

  "mommy, are you pee pee-ing like Sienna?" now that you're potty trained you think its neat that everyone pee pees 'like you'

When we ask you if you'd like a certain something you eat, you usually respond with "no, can I have ____ instead?" and that instead thing is usually chocolate, your grandparents spoiled you when they were visiting last week

Anything thats broken, according to you always needs batteries. Your kiddie pool defleated the other day so naturally you say "I think it needs new batteries"

Your mamas favorite Pandora station 'Golden Oldies' must be rubbing off on you because the other day...out of no where you start singing "shimmy shimmy koko bop" we just about died of was so random and hilarious.


  1. My son does the same thing saying stuff needs batteries or is broken if it doesn't move or light up on its own haha. Kids!


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.