Sunday, April 13, 2014

Two years with you.

Two years ago today, you were born.


I can go into the how's and why's of time. That it flies by. And it does. But the truth is, these past two years have been nothing but fulfilling in the very best ways. You make our lives happier. Fuller. Brighter. Sillier. 

7 months old

I have watched you go from a tiny needy newborn, to an independent, determined, self-assured little girl who has her mind made up about absolutely everything. seems, is one wild adventure and you sure know how to make the most of it. I am eagerly leaning this from you with each passing day. Lately, you have been concentrating deeply when doing many randomly cute things that you do, such as trying to ride your tricycle, you barely reach the pedals but you try oh so hard to with the tips of your toes.

Your language development has been astounding. Each day you amaze us with some new phrase that we wonder where you picked up. Your passion for books and reading is evidently helping, and so has introducing you to the library...its one of your favorite places to go and browse. We let you pick 5 books that you request to be read before bed each night.

guess what little one? 
 you have graduated from your very Midwestern mullet and now can sport a tiny bun! 

Here are your stats & some likes/dislikes

weight: 22 lbs
height: 34"
shoe size:5

Likes:  painting & drawing, puzzles, going to Trader Joes (they have you smitten with their carts & stickers), cats, your cowboy boots, music ( you ask for us to put it on when we're in the car), kombucha, crafts, sandbox,jumping, dancing, summersaults

Dislikes: watching TV (you just dont care for it & rather do anything else), hair bows, being told what to do, getting splashed with water, strollers, trying new foods (frustrating one for mama)

How you spent your birthday:

The night before, we blew up a bunch of balloons and put them in your room when you went to woke up one happy girl :)

You ate your breakfast of choice: banana 
& we headed to dance class 

(Daddy came too, he worked from home to spend the day with you)

After dance we went home and you opened a couple of presents that came in the mail from your Auntie & Grandma.

your favorite lunch - sunbutter & Jelly

 and what kind of birthday would it be without your best little girlfriends??
you had a mini party there, the 3 of you danced your little tushies away...ate some yummy muffins and painted. 

You got some birthday facetime calls from your sweet friends & family from far away... 

All in all I think you had a pretty rockin day little lady :)

Here is a video recap:

Happy birthday my love.

Your very obviously proud and gushing with love Momma

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