Tuesday, May 12, 2015

a little California adventure

We just got back from a little holiday in California with Dan's parents, I used to think traveling with one kid was challenging and boy can I laugh at that now.
The amount of gear we had to remember bring was absurd and probably impossible to shlep had we not driven

The main purpose of the trip was to go to our dear friends wedding, which may I add was on a vineyard and absolutely beautiful. 

video recap:

Emilia's First time at the beach....
she was unimpressed and terrified of the sound

Sienna on the other hand, had a great time building sand castles with Daddy & Grandpa



  1. What a small world! We were just CA beach bums and visiting the SD Zoo a few weeks ago. It looks like you all had a blast and look at Sienna's LONG legs! The girls have grown so much. Glad to see you're back to blogging. :)

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Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.