Thursday, May 14, 2015


Sometimes life can get a little crazy having to share my time with two little girls,
Sienna has done really well always accepting and loving Emilia.. 
but there are times where I know she acts out just for attention...Emilia is a 10 minute napper so its been so hard giving Sienna one on one time without the baby always in my arms. I'm slowly finding myself getting back into the groove of this mom thing and finding a good balance...I felt like I got to a point where I was always scolding her for her sassiness. The words.. "you need to listen" were constantly coming out of my mouth.  Lately she's been asking her Daddy not to go to work in the morning which has been killing us! luckily his job is super flexible and tomorrow he's working from home to spend more time with his gals! :)

Happy weekend everyone!


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  2. Its been years looking for u. Finally found u. I was following you on instgram when u was littlelady_87! Then suddenly you Disappeared.
    I've always loved sienna and i keep watching her videos. She eats my heart ❤️❤️❤️

    Congrats for the new baby emii im sure she is byoend beautiful and she will add more joy to your life.

    Excuse my language.
    my English is really weak :p. Because I'm

    I hope u accept my request on instgram I'm "kkg__".

    Be save ❤️❤️


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.