Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I love this age...

Sienna at THREE.

 because of her strong heart and driven spirit.  because of the things she says out of the blue that always make us pause and smile.  because her memory is a steel trap...she will bring up things from when she was barely a year and half, proving to us that travel is important even when they are itty bitty.  because she calls dessert "bizzert"  because she giggles when she is getting cozy and how out of all colors...she loves red...because she could care less about girly pink princess things...she rather play with a toy mustang.  because she's the sweetest combination of fearless and shy.  how she carries herself through life at such young age inspires me.  because she never forgets a thank you and excuse me. because she is always eager to help and  cheer you up when you're upset.  because she'd rather paint than watch tv. . because she always asks everyone their favorite color, animal, ect and remembers months later what they said they liked.

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