Saturday, April 30, 2011

Queen of procrastination

Last night in our apartment!
We're scheduled a U-Haul truck for 9AM tomorrow, and I have yet to pack up this whole place up.
Its gonna be an an all nighter, Im kinda sad to put everything in cardboard boxes.
Taking down our picture frames especially ( Im a big baby, I know)

On a brighter note, we had a very successful furniture shopping day! we got a whole bedroom set, 2 couches for the living room and a loveseat for the master. Im so excited! I'm so tired of Ikea stuff that we always ended up with to save money. Now we'll finally have solid  "grown up" furniture.

I also bought our FIRST decoration today
(this is why I'm still not packed) I'm Internet browsing & shopping instead.

I absolutely love this quote, Its going to go on our staircase wall, surrounded by a collage of framed photos of our family & friends. I came across the idea on one of the many 'decor ideas & tips' sites.
Alrighty time to tackle this chore, gonna have me some tea with a ton of caffeine first.


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